EBC Brakes produces high-performance brake discs, pads and clutches for many top-brand dual sport and adventure motorcycles

Exploring the world on two wheels is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling disciplines within motorcycling, but it is also one that is particularly crucial when it comes to having a decent brake setup.

EBC Brakes produces a range of top-performing braking components with adventure motorcycling in mind, including applications for the majority of new bike models such as the 2020 Suzuki V-Strom 1050, the Kawasaki Versys 300, Honda’s Africa Twin models, BMW’s R1200GS and R1250GS ranges and Ducati’s Multistrada series.

Brand ambassador and adventurer, ‘GodZoo’, has covered over 240,000 miles across the globe on his Honda Africa Twin over the last few years, relying on EBC Brakes’ products for most of his journeys. You can read more about his epic adventures by clicking here.

Below is an overview on EBC’s various discs, pads and clutches that are designed with adventure and ‘dual sport’ motorcycling in mind.


X- and XC-Series Lightweight Floating Front Discs

Since their introduction, these have become one of the world’s best-selling and lightest discs available for adventure motorcycles.

Both styles feature hardened stainless-steel high-friction rotor blades, and are true fully-floating units, offering more inside-to-outside float tolerance than any other discs on the planet.

Also featuring EBC’s unique and patented S-Drive button system which allows the outer rotor blade to expand and contract freely with heat without suffering rivet lock.

Stainless-Steel Rear Discs

Available in full-circle or contoured profiles, these are a direct replacement to the original rear discs and require no modifications to fit – simply install with new pads and you’re all set.

The latest contour discs feature the ‘Scraper Slot’ system which has proven to prevent early-life damage when bedding in new brakes by removing any loose particles/debris as the pads bed in to prevent disc scoring.


Carbon X/TT Pads (for lighter and lesser-powered bikes)

Suitable for both street and off-road use. Created from impregnated hybrid carbon, to give a medium lifespan and cool disc braking temperature. This material has the unique benefit of lower heat generation and transfer; a major benefit when riding off-road in fast, dry conditions.

HH Sintered Pads (for larger, heavier and more powerful bikes)

EBC’s flagship sintered street and sport pads, delivering a high performance with R90 approval and TÜV tested. HH-rating means ultra-high friction, with this pad remaining a market leader above the rest.

R-Series Sintered Pads (for intense, heavy-duty off-roading)

If you want the ultimate durability and highest-density sintered pads, look no further. Made in EBC’s USA facility, R-Series pads have become popular for motocross and ATV applications, offering high durability and high resistance to contamination from mud, water, sand and grit, offering reduced disc damage and long pad life.

EPFA Sintered Pads (for touring applications)

Based on EBC’s top-selling HH sintered pads, EPFA offers extra friction stabilising additives for improved brake effect, fade resistance and heat cycling. TÜV tested and with ABE certification, they are a great option when loaded with luggage, pillion riding through the mountain passes.


EBC Brakes offers several different clutch kits, readily available and stack height-controlled:

SRC-Series Clutch

An aramid paper-lined plate set combined with heavy-duty springs, this kit is ideal for faster applications, such as road-based touring on heavier bikes. Featuring a longer lifespan, higher heat resistance and an aggressive and fast take-up.

SRK-Series Clutch

A street-going kit that’s also capable for high-performance trail riding, this kit features aramid fibre-lined friction plates, steel separator plates and heavy-duty springs.

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