John Donnellan’s stunning rally replica sports some of EBC’s fast-road braking products

The story of John Donnellan’s stunning Mk2 Ford Escort RS Mexico here is a particularly fascinating one.

Purchasing the car new in July 1978, he ran it for two years before selling it in 1980. Almost instantly regretting this decision, John traced the vehicle and managed to buy it back in 1984, owning it ever since.

This well-maintained example of one of Ford’s most iconic classic cars was treated to a substantial overhaul some years later and in 1991, it was painstakingly converted to closely replicate the 1977 RAC Rally-winning machine.

With extended aluminium arches, a full rally-spec roll cage and a period-fettled engine that now produces 144bhp, John’s car acts as a thrilling weekend toy, only let out in optimal weather conditions (it’s only covered 1081 miles since 1984).

John has opted for EBC Brakes’ discs and pads for the majority of time spent owning the vehicle, currently running Greenstuff pads and GD Sport discs for impressive fast road performance to match the increased engine power.

His views on EBC Brakes can be viewed in his own words below.

“I only fit the best possible parts to this car. I use EBC Brakes for a number of reasons, but most importantly to ensure it stops effectively but is also driveable in day-to-day use.

“I’ve never been disappointed with the quality of EBC Brakes.”

John uses the following EBC Brakes products:

Greenstuff Fast Street Brake Pads

A medium-dust fast street pad with up to a 15% braking improvement compared to OEM items. Offering minimal disc wear and capable of repeated heavy brake use without brake ‘fall-off’.

GD Sport Discs

EBC Brakes’ GD-series grooved replacement brake discs have wide aperture grooves that help to dispel dirt, dust and water while at the same time drawing cool air under the brake pad and disc contact area to help cool the pad contact temperature which can reach over 1000 degrees.

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