A Pro 2 class win in each of his two British Drift Championship appearances ensures all eyes are now on EBC-Equipped Cotton

Back in August, 15-year-old Max Cotton made waves during his first ever British Drift Championship appearance – clinching the outright Pro 2 class win and also scoring highly in the top-tier Pro class while he was at it.

And if the second leg of the BDC’s 2020 calendar – carried out at Wigan’s Three Sisters Circuit on 10-12 September – is anything to go by, those fantastic results from the first round certainly weren’t just a fluke…

You see, Cotton once again cleaned up, taking another Pro 2 class gold and this time even stepping onto the podium in the fabled Pro class too!

Proudly sporting EBC’s USR slotted discs and Yellowstuff pads on his ballistic V8-swapped Nissan PS13, Max talks us through his unforgettable weekend below in more detail.

“I can easily say that last weekend was the best and most successful that I have ever had drifting, battling the best in the business and driving better than I ever have done before and once again, making sure I was getting plenty of simulator practice in before the event, of course.”

Practice Day

“We set off incredibly early on Thursday morning to get to Three Sisters Circuit in Wigan, to practice the new and improved British Drift Championship line that has never been executed here before. At first, the line felt unnatural to me because I have driven the track a lot on a different line. I soon got to grips with it, though, and by lunchtime I was on my competitors’ doors and starting to push the limits. All round, a very successful day.”

Race Day – Pro 2 Class

“In my first qualifying run I was on a good lap until I had to do a small correction but I still managed a 94-point run which put me in 1st. After everyone had completed their first runs, I found myself in 3rd place.

“I knew I could do better the second time round and I did! I got a 95-point run which meant I was top for qualifying!

“My first battle was with Josh Moore in an E36 BMW, who I managed to beat and drive away from in the lead.

“In the Top 16, I found myself battling David Glodstraw. I knew that if I could beat him I would get a bigger lead in the championship because he was only a few points behind me. David massively gripped up his car which forced him to straighten in the lead-and-chase and I won the battle.

“I took on Dominic Gates in the Great 8 and managed to stay next to him even though he dropped two wheels, so I got that in the bag.

“Onto the Top 4, where I faced Danny Mcguire in his R35 GT-R-powered S15… I was going to have to drive fast which I did, and took the win on the battle.

“Finally, I battled Dylan Kehoe who is an amazing driver from Ireland. I just sent it straight onto his door as hard as I could and got the win for the whole day!

“I was so happy with the day and was looking forward to competing with the Pro drivers the following day.”

Race Day – Pro Class

“Starting off before we even got on track, head judge Simon Perry called me out in the drivers’ briefing and said ‘’Max… second qualifying run, I want to see a reverse entry.’’ So you can probably guess I was going to have to push hard in practice. So hard, in fact, that I ended up exploring the grass bank on the first corner! Minus a few scrapes, the car was fine, so I got back out and felt great.

“In the first qualifying run, I drove quite safe and scored a 92 – not a bad run, but the second run is where I just thought ‘let’s take the risk and hope it pays off’. Fortunately, putting everything on the line was the way to go because I scored an unbelievable 98 points – the highest scoring run I’ve ever done in my whole drifting career!

“Into battles, I got straight into the Top 16 with my qualifying run where I refaced Danny in the GT-R-powered S15. I knew how he was going to drive so I put it on his door and progressed to the Great 8! Paul Cunnington was my next battle and he has double my power, so I really had to bring it. After a ‘One More Time’, I managed to get the win.

“I could not believe that my next battle was with drift master-driver, three-time Irish and British Champion, Duane McKeever! As the highest qualifier, I led first and Duane stuck to my door like glue all the way around the track. In the chase position, I knew I had to pull out all the stops and throw it on his door, and that is exactly what I did. Everything was going to plan and I was in good proximity but coming down the straight into Luna Bend, there was an incident and Duane had to shut down. We don’t really know what happened, but Duane was awarded the win.

“In the battle for 3rd and 4th, I battled my friend and rival Lwi Edwards. I took the win and got myself onto the podium, along with Oliver Evans in 2nd place and Duane McKeever in 1st.

“It was an amazing weekend and I am now sitting in 4th position in the Pro Class and 1st Position in Pro 2, with a 20-point lead.

“Thank you so much for all of your continued support!”

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USR Slotted Rotors

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Yellowstuff Fast Road/Track/Drift Pads

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