The EBC crew were at the Keystone in-house Show and reported strong dealer demand and endurance of the EBC performance range of automotive and light truck brakes.


The 2013 Keystone Big show in Atlantic City was a huge success. Dealers from all over the East Coast and Canada swarmed the convention center with attendance up substantially over last year. Our 10×10 booth was positioned next to the “Wheel and Tire Café” area which drew a steady crowed of people throughout the day.

Dealers who service all aspects of the automotive industry came by the booth with questions about pads and rotors, those who stopped by without questions came to express their positive feedback. One shop owner said he got 75,000 miles out of Redstuff on a Camaro and now stocks nothing but EBC.

Greenstuff and Redstuff received the most feedback from dealers who service brakes. They were also excited about the counter tri-folds I was handing out and requested other POP material which is being shipped today.

Buzz from the Off-Road dealers was around the Yellowstuff and GD as the combo of choice for customers looking for a brake upgrade. I discussed with them the importance of a brake pad upgrade if their customer is going with larger tires or a lift. These dealers were also curious about the new “Extra Duty” pad and are anxious for its release.

While at lunch, Ed Ottawati sat down at my table and asked me how the show was for us. He is very happy with the line and mentioned we were a top seller in the brake category. He also mentioned that attendance at the Keystone Texas show was up 20% from the previous year. Near the close of the show Ed came to our booth to say one last “thank you” and mentioned that Atlantic City had the highest attendance of any show they’ve done in the past.

Report by EBC’s Brendan Cashman


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