24 Apr 2013
April 24, 2013

Pro Cut Centre in Northampton


EBC Brakes have their own top of the range Pro Cut machine in Northampton for all customers of their brakes offering full brake inspection facilities, repair and replacement including the Pro Cut alignment facility turning to cure all brake vibration permanently.

If your vehicle needs new brakes or simply you are suffering from brake vibration and need this solving visit the EBC Brakes fitting centre at this address:

J and M EBC Brake Centre
Unit 3A  Southfield Avenue

Call for an appointment on 01604 706377

The staff at the EBC Brakes centre have been installing brakes for 18 years and fitted hundreds of sets of EBC Brakes if not thousands and you will find a warm welcome from the crew there and a nicely priced service for your brake work with a performance guarantee.

Brake vibration is caused by pothole impact , nudging the kerb or any minor accident and can be almost un-noticed for thousands of miles. Once it generates the condition known as DTV or Disc thickness variation the pedal or steering wheel start to pulsate or flutter and braking is almost frightening. This can be solved in 30 minutes at minimal cost using there Pro Cut system.

The EBC Brakes centre is minutes away from the new EBC Brakes world HQ and as such can be relied upon to have every part you need on hand within minutes of your arrival.

EBC Brakes was the first brake manufacturer in the UK to endorse the Pro Cut lathe system and recommends it highly.

For more information about Pro Cut read this link:


To select the ideal brake pads and discs for your car, see this link:



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  1. I have a 2000 Toyota 4 Runner. 3.4 liter V6. 4 wheel drive. I go through rotors left and right. I need the best possible solution of rotors and pads. Can you help?

    • Hi Jamie,

      Could you expand a bit more please about the frequency of rotors you have used please and what type etc. We need to know as much detail as possible to provide you with the best solution? Thanks!


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