Photo: Chris Bailey in action!

EBC Brakes help Chris Bailey to tackle challenges in 2018 season

Chris Bailey is gaining all the stopping power he needs with EBC “R” series heavy duty brake pads, in order to tackle challenges in the 2018 racing season. He already gained one great result when hs competed in the Clubman Class of the Enduroland ‘Mud, Sweat and Gears Series’ on 30th December 2017 held at Deepdale, Sandy, Bedfordshire.

Please see full race report below:

A new year is here and a new race season ahead of us. This year will be a big  challenge for Chris, we’re still racing with Enduroland and other clubs where possible. But he’s decided to run in the adults class of Clubman as he wants to push himself as a rider.

So the first race of the year was at Deepdale Sandy near Bedford, the race is a stand alone three hour race, labelled Mud Sweat and Gears.

Chris got off to a good start on this mixed terrain track of  sand, woods, and open plantation areas, Chris started to push very early in the race, this was a concern as it’s a long race, but he knows what he’s doing. Lap after lap be battled his way through the field, by around half distance he had made his way up to 5th in class but this soon changed as I needed to pull him in for fuel. After a quick pit stop he was off again, soon taking back the places he lost in the pits.

By the 2 hour mark his early decision to push early on in the race was taking its toll, you could see he was starting to get tired, but he was still pushing and his lap times were good. By the 2.5 hour mark is pace was starting to slow, but so were the other riders, the hard rutted terrain was starting to take its toll on all the riders, so this had little impact on his race position.

As the flag dropped chris finished 8th out of 25 in Clubman but more impressive he was 21st out of 107 riders overall. So a great result for the first race of the season.

Photo: Chris Bailey

EBC SV Series Severe Duty Pads

EBC SV Series Severe Duty Pads
If you require durability for all your off road riding needs then these are the brake pads to use! SV Severe Duty ATV Pads are made from a high density sintered copper alloy for longest life possible. They are designed to work hard especially in the wettest, muddiest, dusty and dirty conditions like those found during off road riding and racing.


EBC MXS Series Moto-X Race Pads

EBC MXS Series Moto-X Race Pads
EBC MXS series Moto-X race brake pads are a great choice for use in all weather conditions, be it wet, or dry as found in motocross racing. This is because of their highest rated HH friction for maximum performance and stopping power. The double H formula also ensures these race specific brake pads have a long lifetime of use.

EBC Carbon X or TT Brake Pads

EBC Carbon X or TT Brake Pads
EBC Carbon X or TT Brake Pads are also known as Carbon Enduro formula pads. These brakes have the unique benefit of having lower heat transfer and generation, although they don’t have the same life span as that of a sintered copper brake pad.


EBC ATV & Dirt Sintered Brake Pads

EBC ATV Sintered Pads Brake Pads

‘R’ Series Sintered Brake Pads or ATV & dirt sintered brake pads are one EBC product that are designed with a high density sintered copper material that offer very high durability and a high resistance to water, mud, sand and are excellent at coping with all manner of off road racing conditions such as those found in ATV racing.

EBC CX Extreme™ Motocross rotors

EBC CX Extreme™ Motocross rotors
EBC CX Extreme Motocross Rotors are the latest and the greatest motocross brake disc rotor. Designed in a lightweight profiled contour, this motocross brake looks great with the vee design, they self clean as well as give great performance. Manufactured from heat treated and tempered stainless steel.



EBC Motocross MD series rotors

EBC Motocross MD series rotors
Motocross MD Series rotors are manufactured from durable and tough heat treated premium German mill rolled stainless steel in the Northampton based EBC plant.

The diamond ground surface finish is heat treated to give longer lasting performance, the type of which is of vital importance during motocross racing.



EBC Motocross Contour Rotors

EBC Motocross Contour rotors
Motocross Contour rotors are great for motocross racing as they are an ultra lightweight profiled contour series rotor ideal for OE replacement.

They are manufactured from durable heat treated stainless steel and given a zinc coat for rust prevention, making them tough and resilient in all types of terrain.



EBC Enduro Discs / Rotors

EBC EBC Enduro Discs/RotorsEBC Enduro discs / rotors are also known as the CE series. They are manufactured using top quality German mill rolled stainless steel, provide a balanced combination of chrome and carbon. This allows for perfect heat treatment to avoid cracking, keeps off any rusting and offers high strength.

Designed in contour profile, these discs are lightweight, offer great performance, longevity and provide resistance to mud in off-road conditions because of the lack of vent holes in the pad sweep area.


EBC Brakes Oversize MX Disc / Rotors

EBC Oversize MX Disc / Rotors
EBC Brakes Oversize MX Disc Rotors are fully floating with 280mm optimum diameter. Fully floating rotors are perfect for motocross racing as the rotors resist warping better and handle heat loads more efficiently. They are British laser profiled and built with precision engineering and are lightweight with a contoured profile rotor blade that aids self cleaning outside profiled curves.

The rotor blade is manufactured from German mill rolled stainless steel and the centre hub is decorated with the EBC logo that looks great on any bike.


EBC Brakes Supermotard Contour Rotor Kit

EBC Supermotard Contour Rotor KitEBC Supermotard Contour Rotor Kits are designed to be easy to install on a standard caliper using the relocation bracket provided.

The disc comes complete with the patented ‘Square Dive’ button system to enhance brake performance by eliminating distortion and preventing rivet lock up. These discs are strong in structure and also ultra lightweight.


EBC Brakes UTVX Brake Rotors for ATV/Quad/4×4 Machines

EBC UTVX Brake Rotors for ATV/Quad/4×4 MachinesEBC Brakes’ UTVX Brake Rotors for ATV/Quad/4×4 Machines are made from strong, durable heat treated stainless steel in the UK. The discs / rotors are ground with diamonds to provide the rider with improved braking.

Along with the attractive finish, these brakes are designed to be self cleaning whilst delivering high performance.



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