EBC Brakes motorcycle racing news: The 2017 season begins!
EBC Brakes motorcycle racing news: The 2017 season begins!

The EBC Brakes 2017 motorcycle racing season has kicked off in a mighty way with a wide variety of EBC Brakes product assisted racers excelling in their field or on the racetrack.

Here is the first racing news of this season from our talented and varied racers including Chris Bailey, Josh Brookes and Shaun Winfield from TAG Racing, Zen Pro Racing, Jared Mees and Elliot Pinson:

Chris Bailey

Young Chris Bailey has kicked off his enduro racing season in style again by finishing 1st in his class despite racing with another 102 adults.

Here is the full race report from Jon & Claire Bailey:

Well what a start to the season, this the first race and was the last visit to Deepdale Sandy for this year.

This year for Chris was a new bike KTM 150 XC-W and a new class Youth,  racing in with the adults on the Sunday. We woke to a fine dry and sunny day, the track was in excellent condition, with a variety of ground, from the sand bowl to woods and the open plantation.

The race for the adults started the same as the kids, all going in their class order, Chris’ group, Youth was second from last to go, with a smaller turn out than the rest, Chris had 4 other youth riders in with him, Chris being the youngest at 14.

As the flag dropped Chris got the holeshot closely followed by the other riders, so the start of the 2 hour race was on! Chris rode extremely controlled and fast for the first 45 mins, so much so we thought he was going to run out of steam by the end of the race. But unbeknown to us he had actually suffered a puncture in his rear tyre by the halfway mark, but even this didn’t slow him down or stop his determination he just rode on lap after lap extending his lead. But still pushing with no sign of becoming tired, if fact by the end of the race his lap times had hardly changed, even with the punctured tyre. It looks like all the winter testing was paying off.

By the time the flag dropped on his first race Chris had held his position from the start of the race.
He finished 1st in class, but also just as impressive he managed 22nd overall out of 102 adults also racing.

What a great start to this years race season.

Chris Bailey in action!

Chris Bailey in action!

Visit Chris Bailey’s Facebook Page for more news:


Josh Brookes with his 2nd place silver trophy.
Josh Brookes & Shaun Winfield – TAG Racing

The season got off to a blazing start for the TAG Racing team when Josh Brookes and team mate Shaun Winfield competed in Round one of the British Superbike Championships which took place at Donington Park on 31st March to 2nd April 2017.

Things started on a great footing when Josh ended his free practice session in third place overall. He also achieved his best time in the second practice round and was only 0.168 off Leon Haslam. Shaun knocked off a full second on his lap time finishing in 24th place.

Saturday’s racing was cancelled following the tragic loss of a rider who crashed so the grid positions for Sunday’s first race were taken from the free practice combined times placing Josh in the front row and Shaun in 24th place. Josh finished the race in 7th and Shaun in 15th place giving him his best ever finish and picking one point up in the Championship series.

Josh began the second race in pole position and Shaun in 20th in what was a closely fought race. With only five laps to go Haslam managed to pull ahead and take the win with Josh crossing the finishing line behind him taking the flag as the top Yamaha in the competition. Shaun finished in 17th place after having grip issues with his rear tyre.

Josh Brookes said:

I’m pleased to get the result, starting from pole position gave us a better hand in getting the result. Looking back on 2015 the SC0 if you didn’t race on that you weren’t in the race, it was all about tyre conservation, but now the situation has changed a little and the SC1 tyre is actually a good race option, as Leon showed.

I hadn’t used the harder tyre all weekend so it was too much of a risk to try it in the race, I knew we had made some good improvements from race one to race two and I was hoping that would be enough to make the tyre last the distance, and it did.

I knew the closing laps were going to be tough and when Leon passed me I had just had to accept it. I then had to focus on my own race and keep my lap times consistent, as a summary I’m really pleased to be on the podium this early in the season it’s a great result for the team, myself and I have expectations to be here more.

Shaun Winfield said:

This weekend has been one of the best weekends I’ve ever had so far, I’ve achieved my first points in Superbikes and I’ve improved on my personal best lap time around Donington, so I’m really happy.

We should have worked more on tyre life but the weather hampered us, looking back we should have opted for the SC1 in race two but we’ll look at that later on, I was up there at the start and I rode hard all race.

It’s finally come good for us all, we work so hard as a family and to see my Mum and Dad proud and with smiles on their faces it makes it all worth while.

Team Owner Rob Winfield said:

It’s fantastic, I’m delighted! We’ve lifted the team up from last year from what it was, and everyone has pulled together. Josh is a dream to work with, he’s gelled so well.

He had a little bit of trouble in race one he was barged out of the way a little bit but he got his head down and got himself on pole for race two, which was brilliant. Then to come second in race two was spectacular, it’s equalled our best result straight away and we have something to build on now.

I’m delighted for Shaun, he’s got his first ever points, he’s gone half a second quicker than he ever has, but to do this all at our home circuit as well, our sponsors home race also it’s just fantastic.

TAG Racing are next competing in two weeks time at Brands Hatch in the second round of the MCE British Superbike Championships.

Read the full race report here: http://bit.ly/2oqrzaD

Visit TAG Racing’s website and social media sites for more news and information:
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TAG Racing in action!
Josh Brookes in action!
Shaun Winfield in action!
The TAG Racing Team


Zen Pro Racing – Racing for Boobs

This weekend on 7th – 8th April 2017, the Zen Pro ladies race team will be representing five teams in different classes in the ‘Racing for Boobs’ event. The ladies have had custom pink t-shirts designed in readiness for appearances on the podium or in the contingency parades during the weekend, which is in aid of breast cancer awareness. The event will take place at La Salada, Mexico.

Team Manager Mo Martinez said:

We are set and ready for next weekends all girls cancer race- Zen Pro has 5 teams representing in different classes..the girls are going to look good with these custom Fly Racing shirts at the contingency parades and on the podium..

Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart for supporting us always!

More information can be found on their Facebook page at the following link:


Jared Mee's in action!
Jared Mees

Jared Mees has an exciting season lined up in the world of flat track racing, involving some special flat track bike builds with fellow long term sponsored EBC Brakes racer and stunt rider Aaron Colton.

Jared said:

I just wanted to reach out to you and let ya know a little of what I have going on.

I’m sponsoring the Spanish dirt track champion Ferran Cardus on my 450’s at the first three rounds of the American flat track series.

There will be a great amount of exposure around this as it is making flat track history.

Here is some of the coverage it will have. It will be a good way to give back to my sponsors while I’m unable to represent when riding for Factory Indian.

American Flat Track will provide significant exposure through this project through:
• NBCSN broadcast segments during coverage of the first three events
• Feature video content during the live streaming coverage on FansChoice.tv
• Social media videos, Facebook Live and website stories leading up to Daytona
• An exclusive placement in a major American motorcycle industry media outlet
• Editorial coverage in international motorcycle racing magazines (i.e. Solomoto) and other major international motorcycle racing outlets.

I’m also doing some special flat track bike builds. Aaron Colton and I really good friends and we have been communicating to get a front rotor set up that will work well for a lot of dirt track bikes and teams that are looking to convert to a front brake set up or for people wanting to build street trackers.

I will be sharing some of the build process through social media along the way and of course EBC will be involved in that.

Visit Jared Mees’s website and social media sites for more news and information:
Website Facebook Twitter “Instagram
Here are some pictures from his recent European trip:

Jared Mees in action!

Jared Mees in action!

Jared Mees in action!

Jared Mees in action!


Elliot Pinson in action!
Elliot Pinson

Young teenage racer Elliot Pinson has been competing in round one of the British Motostar Moto3 Standard Class at Donington Park that took place on 31st March to 2nd April 2017. Here is his first race report of the season:

Elliot Pinson #76 Race Report by Keith Pinson:

Elliot entered this round with little testing time on the new Moto3 NSF250R standard bike after a late decision to enter the series this season and bad weather at the official BSB test at Donington Park earlier in March disrupted the much needed track time.

Friday 31st March
In the two dry free practice sessions Elliot made steady progress dropping his lap time by 2 seconds between free practice 1 and 2. In free practice 2 he finished 10th fastest in his class.

Saturday 1st April
The 25 minute wet qualifying session was going well with Elliot steadily reducing his lap time moving up to 6th fastest in his class before a problem with a misting visor and quickshifter malfunction meant he had to make a pit stop. After rejoining the session there was not enough time for him to regain his rhythm and ended qualifying 9th in his class.

On a now dry track for race 1, after being disappointed with his interrupted qualifying Elliot tried hard to make up places passing two riders in the first lap alone. Unfortunately pushing too hard too early in the race, trying to prevent other riders getting away, he tucked the front overtaking yet another rider at the Melbourne Hairpin and crashed out.

Sunday 2nd April
The crash early on in race 1 meant that for a dry race 2 Elliot would be starting from the middle of  the back row. After a poor start Elliot dropped back to dead last into the first corner, Redgate. Not deterred he made up two places by the end of the first lap. The charge continued and by the fourth lap had overtaken six riders, from then on it was duel with number 56 until the end of the 12 lap race. Finishing 9th in his class and improving his personal best lap time by a further 2 seconds.

At the next meeting, Brands Hatch Indy, 15th-17th of April, we hope for better results as Elliot gets to grips with the new machine.

Visit Elliot Pinson’s website and social media sites for more news and information:
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Here are some of the many EBC Brakes products that our sponsored riders use in all their races:
EBC GPFAX motorcycle race only Brake Pads imageGPFAX sintered race only brake pads

The GPFAX Formula Sintered Race pads are a direct replacement of the GPFA series. This formula is even higher in friction and created specifically to be used only on asphalt surfaces such as those found in race track conditions. Because of the super performance that they provide, these brake pads are a growing favourite choice of superbike racers.

Another benefit of the GPFAX sintered material is that it now has even better heat cycling ability allowing the brake pads to be raced, cooled, then raced again.

Read more about GPFAX brake pads here!

EPFA Sintered Fast Street and Trackday Pads
EBC Extreme Pro brake pads, also known as EPFA brake pads, are the racers choice for superbike racing and are excellent for street use too! These brake pads are fantastic for motorcycle racing as the compound they are made from has extra friction stabilizing additives that totally improve the ‘heat cycling’ braking effect.

Read more about EPFA brake pads here!

EBC MXS brake pads

EBC MXS series Moto-X race brake pads are a great choice for use in all weather conditions, be it wet, or dry as found in motocross racing. This is because of their highest rated HH friction for maximum performance and stopping power. The double H formula also ensures these race specific brake pads have a long lifetime of use. Read more about MXS Series Race Pads here.

EBC Carbon X brake padsEBC Carbon X or TT Brake Pads

Also known as Carbon Enduro formula pads, these brakes have the unique benefit of having lower heat transfer and generation, although they don’t have the same life span as that of a sintered copper brake pad.

Read more about Carbon X or TT Brake Pads here!

EBC SV Series sintered brake padsSV Series Severe Duty Sintered brake pads

If you require durability for all your off road riding needs then these are the brake pads to use! SV Severe Duty ATV Pads are made from a high density sintered copper alloy for longest life possible. They are designed to work hard especially in the wettest, muddiest, dusty and dirty conditions like those found during off road riding and racing.
Read more about SV Series Severe Duty Sintered brake pads here!

floating-discs-fullFloating MC Rotors

EBC floating MC rotors or X & XC brake disc rotors as they are sometimes known, are ultra lightweight, best selling and best performance discs available for all modern racing sport bikes. The rotors benefit from the EBC Brakes unique and patented S-Drive button system that features square sided rivets captured in square drive pockets on the hub and rotor. These are in place to allow the outer rotor blade to expand and contract freely under the heat of braking without suffering rivet lock.

Read more about Floating MC Rotors here!

EBC ATV Sport disc brake rotors
ATV Sport Disc / Rotors

EBC ATV sport rotors are manufactured in the UK from lightweight laser cut stainless steel, the new contoured profile ATV sport discs weigh much less than original OEM parts and are designed for racing. The discs are made to the exact same sizes as original parts and precision ground to perfection as a direct bolt on replacement.

Read more about ATV Sport Disc / Rotors here!

To find out where to buy EBC Brakes products check this link:

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