EBC stars of Superbike racing end season of high performance

EBC stars of Superbike racing end season of high performance

The EBC Brakes’ assisted stars of the Superbike racing world are ending their season with some excellent results after some high performance racing in their Championships.

Here are the latest race reports from TeamMTR, The Sorrymate.com Endurance Team and EHA Racing:
Motorcycle riders provide explosive action with EBC racing Brakes

Michael Tustin – TeamMTR

Michael Tustin and Team MTR have just completed the final Round Eight of the Ducati TriOptions Cup which took place at the TT Circuit, Assen, Netherlands on 29th – 1st October 2017.

Here is Michael’s full race report:

Welcome to TeamMTR’s latest race report. After a really successful Round 8 of the Championship at Silverstone, Mike and the team were excited to get back on track for the final round of the series at Assen, Netherlands.

Race 1

Being another new circuit to Mike & the team and the 12 hour journey to the North of Holland, the team arrived on Thursday afternoon and were greeted with dry but cold conditions. With Free Practice and Qualifying both on Friday, Mike was determined to learn as much as possible about the super fast circuit to give himself the best opportunity during both races.

Unfortunately, the bike had major clutch problems at the beginning of the Practice session, meaning Mike only managed three laps, leaving Mike well behind the pace of the rest of the riders, whilst also giving the team a big job to get the bike repaired in time for the Qualifying session later in the afternoon.

Thankfully, the team managed to get the bike back together in time for the Qualifying session, allowing Mike to get out on track and get some much needed track time. However, on the fifth lap Mike suffered some more clutch problems, had to pull in and end the session having only completed eight laps on the first day. This put Mike in a lowly 23rd place on the grid.

After working late through the night, the team finally managed to pinpoint the problem with the clutch. This was welcome news for Mike and it finally meant he could get out and put some decent laps together to finally work out how to ride and set the bike up for the ultra fast Assen Circuit.

Saturday’s race was hit with heavy downpours, so wet setup was a guess. Mike got away well and gained some places to finally get some laps in and finish the race in 21st.

Race 2

After the difficult start to the weekend, Mike was fairly confident of moving up the field after working out how the bike behaved in Saturday’s eight lap race. With dry conditions on Sunday, Mike and the team were quietly confident of a points scoring finish. A good start once again moved Mike well within the points and up to 13th. Just over half race distance, Mike was well within the points.

However, a gearbox problem hindered Mike, and forced an excursion into the gravel on the penultimate lap forcing the team’s first mechanical failure of the season, ending a frustrating weekend with no points.

Photo: Michael Tustin in action!
Photo: Michael Tustin in action!
Photo: Michael Tustin in action!


A stark contrast to the previous round at Silverstone, it was back down to earth with a bump at Assen. Having limited budget at this late stage of the season, the team were unable to test the bike after the clutch problem at Silverstone Race Two. Ultimately, this cost Mike another points scoring weekend. On a much more positive note, Mike finished 13th in the overall standings out of a registered 56 in the Championship. Out of the 56 riders registered, 27 were rookies at National level this season, including Mike himself. Mike managed to finish first out of the 27 rookies, which is something the team are extremely proud of. The only riders to finish ahead of Mike were riders that have competed at this level for a number of years.

TeamMTR would like to thank every sponsor for their huge support and backing this season, the debut year at British Championship level. The team feel that it has been a success and the positive attitude, hard work and commitment from everyone involved showed that hard work does pay off with the podium finish at Silverstone.

The wheels are already in motion for next year and the team feel with a years experience under their belt, regular top 10 finishes should be a minimum throughout the whole of 2018.

Championship Standings

Ducati TriOptions Cup-13th

EMRA Superstock-5th

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Photo: Photo: Dan Drayton in action! in action!

Sorrymate.com Endurance Team

The Sorrymate.com Endurance Team finished their season of high performance with outstanding results when they competed recently in the 2017 ACU National 600 Endurance Championships on 23rd September at Croft Circuit and 2017 ACU National 600 Endurance Championships on 7th – 8th October at Donington Park.

Here are the race reports of those races:
2017 ACU National 600 Endurance Championships – 23rd September 2017, Croft Circuit.

Saturday morning started brightly, with both Col and Gaz aware of what was needed to get the job done. With Gaz’s bike still suffering with a chain breaking issue, Col worked relentlessly during the weeks leading up to Croft to ensure both his bikes were ready if needed. We decided to give the majority of the qualifying time to Gaz, to make sure his bike was 100% and give him the opportunity to switch to Col’s spare R6 if needed. Col went out on the damp track, got his qualifying laps in and returned safely to the garage.

Gaz went straight out on the CBR, but after just two laps disaster struck and the new chain adjusters fitted after the Manx failed causing the chain to jump the sprockets. Fortunately this happened on the Start/Finish straight and Gaz was able to park the bike safely at the end of the pit lane. Massive thanks here to the quick thinking No Limits pit lane marshal who removed the transponder and passed it to Sheila whilst Gaz sprinted back to the garage. Mark’s team already had Col’s spare bike ready and waiting to go.

Unfortunately luck wasn’t on our side and exiting Sunny-Out, Gaz’s rear wheel clipped a damp patch, high-siding him out of the seat and landing him square in front of his own front wheel where he was run over by the bike, knocking him clean out. Fortunately and thanks to the fantastic work from the medical staff and marshals, Gaz was okay. His Arai helmet had done a great job but the blow to the head ruled him out of racing for a few days and left the team scrambling to find a replacement rider.

Colin persuaded Mr Gary Johnson to ride his bike, with Colin electing to take his spare which was not badly damaged in the crash. At this point we’d like to say thanks to Mark Neate and the lovely Clerk of the Course Clare Coombes for advising us of the correct procedures for the proposed changes to the team, even if she did stipulate that we had to start from the back of the grid.

Come race time, Gary Johnson wanted Col to start, allowing more time to set the bike up as Gary wanted it. Colin got off to a flyer, coming from last to 11th by the end of the first lap, putting in 40 minutes of consistently fast laps and building on his great start. At the first rider change Gary went out banging in 1:28 laps on a bike he hadn’t even sat on two hours ago. We can’t thank Gary Johnson enough for stepping in at such short notice, top bloke.

The rest of the day went to plan, with smooth rider changes and fast consistent riding from both Col and Gary. At one stage the team actually led on the road ahead of countless 1000cc teams. Come the chequered flag, we finished 3rd in class, 4th on the road and 2017 Champions.

We now look forward to Donington for the 3rd and final time this year, knowing we can relax and enjoy the weekend safe in the knowledge that the championship is secured. Hopefully all our friends, family and supporters will come along to join in the Celebrations, we look forward to seeing you all.

Thank you to EBC Brakes, for supplying the bikes with all the stopping power!

Photo: Sorrymate.com in action!
Photo: Sorrymate.com Endurance Team
2017 ACU National 600 Endurance Championships –  7th to 8th October, Donington Park

As freshly crowned National 600 champions, the guys went to Donington for the 3rd and final time hoping for a pressure free last round, safe in the knowledge that the job was done and hoping to end the season on a high. Fate on the other hand had different plans. Morning practice was changed to an open practice session due to the threat of rain, so both Col and Gaz went out twice to get a feel for the track conditions. Qualifying 21st in a field where the pace was quick, Gaz was elected to start. Getting off to a flyer, he quickly moved up the grid putting in a solid session. Unfortunately, just as the team were preparing to bring Gaz in for the first rider change, he got caught up in a racing incident and a rider in front high-sided, and his bike collided with Gaz, knocking him off (get well soon Gav, hope you’re okay mate). Gaz managed to pick the bike up and get it back to the pits whilst the race was red flagged, bringing in with him what seemed like half the infield too.

Col joined the back of the queue waiting to restart the race while the garage team frantically stripped Gaz’s bike down to assess the damage and get it back to a state where it was okay to ride. Once the race restarted Col set about regaining the places lost due to the accident, but again fate stepped in and decided what he really needed was for it to rain while he was out on slicks! Colin heroically rode on, giving the team time to rebuild Gaz’s bike and as soon as we got the all clear from technical inspection and Medical, we switched riders again knowing Gaz’s bike on treaded tyres stood a better chance of maintaining a pace in the changeable weather conditions.

Defying the difficult conditions Gaz set a blistering pace which few could keep up with and moved the team back up the placings and into a solid 3rd place. Col’s bike was brought in, prepped for wet, then back to dry, then back to wet again (Mark isn’t allowed to make calls regarding the weather anymore) and when the conditions worsened to a point where we needed a bike on full wets, Col went out once more. With the rain in for the remainder of the race and both bikes now on full wet setup, all that remained was to keep the bikes upright and bring home the race, and in the conditions that was no easy task, but the guys were more than up it, finishing the race 6th on the road and 2nd in class.

This race and indeed this entire season has shown how much of a team effort this has been, from Col and Gaz’s talent on the bikes, Sheila, Fergus, Ben and Izzy running the pit wall to the guys in the garage. One omission I have managed to make in most of the Race reports is to thank Gemma, Gaz’s wife for all the work she does behind the scenes and during the weekend, thank you and my apologies for the lack of recognition.

Now I’ve bored you all senseless it just remains to once again thank EBC Brakes whose support has made this year possible. Thank you all for having the patience to read my inane drivel and I will keep you all updated over the winter as to what our plans are for next year.

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Photo: EHA Racing in action!

David Allingham & George Stanley – EHA Racing

British Supersport regular David Allingham was joined by George Stanley on EHA Racing Aprilia RSV-4 RF machinery at the Thundersport round at Donington Park on 21st – 22nd October 2017. The duo clocked up two wins from a handsome return of five podiums between them in the GP1 Sportsman & Elite class.

Here is the full race report:
Young guns take Thundersport victories with EHA Racing Aprila

The flame-haired duo were enjoying only their first and second weekend of racing action aboard 1000cc Superstock machinery. British Supersport regular Allingham stood on all three Thundersport podiums on his 1000cc debut: a brace of second placed finishes clocked up either side of his Race Two victory on the EHA Racing prepared Aprilia. The Northern Irishman also took fastest laps in Races Two and Three.

19-year-old youngster Stanley, who finished sixth in this season’s British Superstock 600cc class, also collected a well-deserved Thundersport victory and a fastest lap to boot on his RSV4 RF, from his front row qualifying position. He took ninth place in Race One (and the aforementioned fastest lap) and was third in Race Two before taking his Race Three win, just 0.3sec ahead of team-mate Allingham.

Speaking afterwards, Ian Newton, EHA Racing Aprilia Technical Director, said:

It was a great weekend and fantastic to finish the year off on a high. Having two young lads with no experience riding Superstock 1000 and for them both to be immediately at the front, winning races and posting fastest laps, just shows how competitive the Aprilia is. We look forward to showing more of these impressive results next season. Massive thanks to EBC Brakes and Derek for his help this weekend.

David Allingham [Results: Q4–2–1–2]

It was a really fun weekend at Donington Park and it’s always nice to go back and race at Thundersport meetings, which is where I started off my short circuit career. Having ridden Supersport 600 all year in the British Championship, it was good to experience riding a bigger machine. The Aprilia was awesome and I found it an easy bike to ride. Although I wasn’t pushing too hard as I didn’t want to go into the off-season with an injury, there was some great racing and I was happy with the results and lap times I achieved. Thanks to Ian, EHA Racing and Colin for all their help this weekend.

George Stanley [Results: Q3–9–3–1]

I really enjoyed racing the Aprilia at the weekend. It was only my second weekend on the bike and against some tough competitors, it was nice to come away with a win. The result was made easier by the support I was given from Ian and the EHA team. It was a great experience to work with a professional team and I look forward to the future. Thanks to In Competition, EHA Racing, my personal sponsors and my mum and dad.

Images courtesy of Colin Port Photography

Photo: EHA Racing in action!
Photo: EHA Racing in aciton!
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