Photo: EBC Brakes young racers begin season on winning formula
EBC Brakes young racers begin season on winning formula

EBC Brakes young talented racers have had a great start to their championship racing season and discovered a winning formula using EBC off-road and organic racing brakes. Here are a couple of reports from Natalie Kane and the LRJ Racing Team who are doing really well just a few rounds into their season:


Natalie Kane in action!


Natalie Kane

Last weekend I raced at the 1st round of the Swedish Championship for 2016 which took place at the Circuit of Tibro. I was looking forward to getting this championship under-way as it’s always fun in the paddock as well as on the track. This year we raced on both days which I think is a better format for the girls, especially those who ride also in the world championship.

We had 15 minutes free practice, then directly after we had 15 minutes qualifying timed practise for our gate choice. I only did a few laps of the free practice to get a good feeling of the track to make sure everything felt good on the bike, then I waited for the qualifying to start, so I didn’t use up too much energy. Qualifying started which took me a few laps to find a good lap, but when I did I gained 1st position with 1.6 sec faster time. The track was perfect, sun was out and I was feeling really comfortable and happy with everything. I was so looking forward to our 1st race later that day.

Natalie Kane in action!


We had a big change in weather when it was time for the first race, as it was no longer sunny, instead it was snowing! I was a little confused with the weather, the track was completely different to the qualifying round and I was not sure how the goggles would cope with snow as I have never raced in such weather before, but I knew a good start was key to staying out of trouble.  The gate dropped and I had a perfect start in the second race, but quickly made my way into the lead by the third corner. I managed to gain a comfortable lead to where I could ride a steady race, just as I was having some trouble with my goggles as the snow was sticking and melting on the lenses,  making my vision very blurry  eventually, but I rode safe and got the win.

Sunday morning we had a 15 minutes warm up and the track was much deeper with the snow that had fallen on and off all night, but actually it made the track much better with some different line choices and more technically challenging which I prefer. I was again fastest in the warm up round by 1.8 seconds.


Natalie Kane in action!

Just as it was time for our second and final race on Sunday, the sun had started to come out and the track was actually in really good condition considering the weather. I had another good start in third place from the gate, but again I got into the lead by the end of the first lap, then I just put in some good solid laps at the start of the race, then I just kept it steady to take another win and keep the red plate.

Overall I feel I had a good weekend, not just with winning, but learning more about the best bike set up for me and how to feel even more comfortable. As for the small injury to my wrist, which turned out to be bruising, fluid on my scaphoid bone and some small ligament damage, I am struggling a little with my wrist after 12 minutes. There is no set time for it to be back to 100%, but I will do what I can and the main thing is I won’t be missing any races.

Thank you again for your continued help and support! I appreciate it very much.

Natalie kane

Photo: Young talented racer, Natalie Kane
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Chloe Jones in action!

LRJ Racing

British Minibike Championship – Whilton Mill Sunday 13th March

First round of the season for Chloe Jones, who is now in Pro Class after winning the Novice Championship last season. Overall she came 10th with it being her first pro meeting.
The second  meeting was at Teeside 26th March, where Chloe had two fourth place finishes missing out in a close third.

Adam Hartgrove in action!
BMCRCBrands Hatch 12th/13th March.
Adam Hartgrove had three second place finishes and a first place in his first meeting on his Kawasaki 400.

Donington Park 9th/1th0 April.
Adam got a second place and two first place finishes on his Kawasaki 400.
Both Chloe and Adam have had a very good start to the season in their new classes.

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Chloe Jones in action!

Adam Hartgrove in action!

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