Chris Bailey in action!
EBC motocross and off-road brakes create a first-class season

EBC assisted off-road racers are all having a first-class season using EBC motocross, ATV or other off-road brakes such as enduro. Here are the latest race reports from some our high achieving riders; The Zen Pro Racing Team, Natalie Kane and Chris Bailey:


Alexis Velerde in action!
Zen Pro Racing

The Zen Pro Racing Team have been competing recently in the 250 mile Baja desert race and gained an incredible first place and first-class finish. Rider Alexis Velarde won both classes in the Kuervos MX 125 mile race when she gained first in the ATV class and first in the MX Ironman. This is a fantastic continuation of a successful racing season from the all female race team, who recently took several different podium places in several classes, one 4th, two 2nds, two 1sts and one 3rd.


Zen Pro Racing team in action!

Thanks so much for your support EBC! We have a number of races this year and have been promoting EBC at all the events.



Zen Pro Racing team in action!
Zen Pro Racing team on the podium
The glamerous Zen Pro Racing team


Chris Bailey in action!

Chris Bailey
MX Masterkids UK Race Report

The early May bank holiday saw Chris Bailey trying something different.  As his followers know, Chris normally competes in Enduro, but this weekend was a top event for motocross kids. Chris entered the MX Masterkids UK having never competed in motorcross before. This was the one of the biggest events in Europe with riders from Denmark and beyond. Factory team riders also competed in this huge event.


After qualifying, Chris was entered into the B class 85cc big wheel, the event was made up of 6 races of 15 minute races, scoring points per finishing position. Races started using start gates, another new obstacle for Chris to contend with. Most races, Chris was 2nd or 3rd over the first jump, having a few wobbles in the corners, Chris continued to push having fallen down the pack a bit. After the 6 races, Chris finished in a very respectable 8th place overall.  A fantastic learning curve over a full packed weekend.


Chris Bailey in action!

Enduroland Race XC Championship

Saturday 23rd April saw round 2 of the Enduroland Race XC Championship. This ever growing season saw a bigger numbers of kids on the start line.  Once the flag dropped the race was on! Racing around the chalky hills of Ivinghoe Aston, the 1.5 hour long race was packed with twisty wooded areas, fast fields and exciting jumps. After the first quarter of the lap, Chris took the lead over the whole pack, including the 125cc’s and kept that lead until the flag dropped, with over a 6 minute lead. Fantastic consistent lap times and excellent riding.

Chris Bailey in action!

Chris Bailey with his well deserved trophy.

Chris Bailey at the top of the race results.



Natalie Kane in action!
Natalie Kane
Women’s European Championship

I visited Poland recently for the weekend for the Women’s European Championship held for the first time and for only one weekend, three races to decide who’s the champion.

There were a lot of good riders there from the World Championship and other events, so it was a good turn out of female riders, but the track was not really great for a race event like this, as they had not ripped it up to make some lines or watered it.

With the poor track preparation, the track would stay pretty flat and easy, so I thought it will make the girls racing time a lot more closer, which showed during the qualifying round, when the top ten was separated by two and a half seconds. I qualified with a time good enough for 4th gate pick which I was happy with, as to try to make a good start as this would be a very important factor on this track.

Natalie Kane in action!

Moto 1 –  I had a good start in 5th position and already made my way to 3rd, but then another rider did a very dirty move and came across my line on a high speed part of the track, leaving me to brake so hard to avoid hitting the rear wheel, that I stalled the bike and only re-joined the race in 12th position. I tried hard but only made it back to 7th at the finish with it being so dusty and lined, with clouds of dust because of no watering, so I was very frustrated with this result.

After a lot of complaining from the riders and teams on Saturday about it being so dangerous to race in so much dust, they actually did some watering on the track for Sunday which helped.

Moto 2 – I again had a good start and made passes every lap to get in to the lead of the race and was feeling pretty good, until I collided with a lapped rider as she moved from inside to outside leaving me with no other choice but to hit her. I was already committed to the corner so I dropped to 3rd and with only two laps to go I could not make the passes back.

Natalie Kane in action!

Moto 3 – I had a bad start. I was around 20th on lap one, but I made some passes pretty quick to get into the top ten, then I just kept trying to make up the time and slowly got myself into 4th position and right on the rear wheel of 3rd, just in front of the rider in front was 2nd but again I hit more problems this time with the bike and my rear brake pedal so I had to take it easy to finish the race in 4th.

I ended up 4th overall and to say that I am very frustrated and disappointed is an understatement really, as I believe I could have won and the results did not show that my speed was best in the races. Not just one lap, but I will keep on working hard and trying to make the results happen that we should be getting.

Thank you again for all the help and support as it wouldn’t be possible for me to race without it so I appreciate it a lot.

Natalie Kane in action!
Women’s World Motocross Championship – circuit of Teutschenthal in Germany

Round Three of the Women’s World Motocross Championship at the circuit of Teutschenthal in Germany is over with and another weekend of mixed feelings.

I will start with the track which was ripped up and prepared perfectly so I was really looking forward to getting out to ride, but when I went for the morning warm up it was a little different to what I thought. They had over-watered the track so much it was like it had rained non stop even though the sun was shining. The track was really difficult now and knowing that the track will be much dryer for qualifying I decided to only get a feel for the track and not worry about putting in some good laps.

In qualifying the track was a lot better, but I had some mechanical problem with my bike which lead me to have to ride my other bike and not a lot of time left to make a fast lap, so I only posted 17th for the gate pick which wasn’t great for my start. I knew I could do a lot better in the race!

Natalie Kane in action!

In race one I got caught in a first corner pile up, then again crashed myself on lap one, which left me 28th on lap one, but I kept pushing on and slowly made it up to 11th. I was catching up … 8th, 9th and 10th, just in front of me having their own battle until again some problem started with the spokes on my rear wheel braking, causing them to get stuck in chain and sprocket, forced me to ride safely and try to make it to finish which I did still in 11th place. I was happy with my riding but disappointed on what had happened. Sunday was a new day and I hoped for better results.

Again Sunday morning I warmed up on the track which was soaking wet, so I just did some laps to have a look at the track and go back to get ready for 2nd Moto.

The gate dropped on the 2nd Moto and this time I just stayed on the outside and had a pretty good start in around 12th position. I really pushed at the start so was up to the 7th position with the front group and feeling comfortable, then I made two more passes to 5th with still 3rd place in sight. Unfortunately, I made a small mistake myself, causing me to drop back to 9th so I had to regroup, go again and made it back to finish 7th in the race and 9th overall on the day.

Again I am happy with how my speed is improving and I know I am getting closer to the front just some bad luck which left the results nothing to be so happy about. I am 6th overall in the championship classification now but I hope to keep improving and get the results to prove it!

Thank you for all your help and support.

It means a lot!




Natalie Kane in action!



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