Adam Barrett in action!

EBC motorcycle racing brakes keeping young riders safe

Each and every season EBC assist young bike riders with a range of motorcycle racing brakes, specifically designed to keep the rider safe whether young or old. The range of brakes cover all types of motorcycle sport from off-road racing to superbike hill climbing. Here are just a few of EBC Brakes’ successful young riders who have been having a superb but safe season with EBC motorcycle racing brakes


Chloe Jones

12 year old Chloe Jones is having a terrific season and has thoroughly enjoyed herself riding in various race meetings. More recently Chloe was at the Shelsley Walsh Hill climb where she had an amazing day which left her craving for more.


Race report from Kim Webster:

Just a few lines on young Chloe Jones from LRJ Racing. She got the chance to ride the Shelsley Walsh Hill on Sunday 5th September, she was quite nervous on her first attempt but once she completed first run there was no stopping her. She rode the hill twice more sporting EBC stickers and motorcycle racing brakes.

Chloe also enjoys racing ‘Minimoto’ in which she has gained some fantastic results in 2016 including some excellent wins for the LRJ Racing Team. The most impressive was when Chloe raced at Lydd in the Minimoto on the 19th June when she achieved not only two fifth places but also clinched two wins. Considering this is her first season on a bigger bike, Chloe is a force to be reckoned with in the future of racing and is looking at lots more successful seasons to come!


Running up the Shelsley Walsh hill was amazing! Thank you so much EBC for keeping me safe coming down it!

Chloe on her ebc equipped superbike.
Chloe Jones in action!
Chloe Jones bike exhibition photo.
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Adam Hartgrove photo

Adam Hartgrove

Adam Hartgrove, also part of the LRJ Racing Team, has been having a great season full of impressive results. This talented 17 year old is an F400 rider on a ZXR400 competing in the British Motorcycle Road Racing Club.


Race report from Kim Webster:

Adam Hartgrove on his 400 Kawasaki, there is no stopping this young man! He is doing really well this season so far …

Results from his meetings in the 2016 season so far are:

Silverstone 30th April – 1st May –  Four 1st place wins
Oulton Park 17th – 18th June – Two 1st place wins
Pembrey 9th – 10th July – 1st, 2nd and 4th in three races
Cadwell Park 30th – 31st July – Two 1st place wins and a 2nd place
Brands Hatch 19th – 21st August  – Three wins and FdiAsia f400 Rookie Champion

Adam has really excelled himself on the track this season there doesn’t seem to be any stopping him. He is really enjoying his riding and hopefully he will go a long way in the racing world. We are really proud of you!


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Chris Bailey in action!

Chris Bailey

Another young talented racer that’s achieving excellent results and staying safe with EBC motorcycle racing brakes is 12 year old Chris Bailey. Chris has been having great success again this season racing in the Enduro Race XC series.


Race report from Jon Bailey:

Chris Bailey in action!This was the 6th round of Endurolands race XC held at Wymeswold north Leicester. This venue is a mix of MX track and open farm land, a great track for our race series to be held at.

As usually the race started class by class with around 30 kids racing, but this time as there was only one 125 bike, it started in Chris’s class 85 BW.

As the flag dropped Chris got another good start, and secured another holeshot into the first corner, closely  followed by the rest of the field. This race there were again some new riders from another club, these gave Chris some great competition. Over the 90 minute race Chris held the lead from the start, with rider 441 Joe Phillips always nipping at his heels.
Chris Bailey in action!After Chris had settled into the race he started to pull away from the rest of the pack, gaining a lead of around 60 seconds, so this lap I decided to pull him in to pit. But due to a rider falling off in one of the tunnels holding Chris up this caused his lead to drop. But he needed to refuel so I had no choice but to pit him. This pit stop caused Chris to lose the lead and rider 441 was now leading the race.

After refuelling Chris, he went off like a scolded cat to hunt down his rival, by now he had around a 15 second lead over Chris. Chris soon made light work of this and retook the lead by the end of the MX track. Once on the open fields Chris pushed himself and the bike to gain a small but comfortable 14 second lead. Chris held this lead for the rest of the race right up to the flag drop.

So again another 1st in class 1st overall result, so six wins from six races.

Chris Bailey with 1st prize certificate.



Adam Barratt

Young Adam Barratt is a 24 year old who rides a KTM250XCF and lives in the beautiful Derbyshire Dales, where he has been racing Enduro for a number of years. Adam has assistance with EBC motorcycle racing brakes from official distributor EBC Brakes Direct.


Adam enjoys racing at a top clubman/expert level in many different events all over England, ranging from local championships with WOR Events, RAW Enduro and Fast Eddy Racing to the ACU British Enduro Championship, with the intention to get some good results this year and some podium finishes.


Adam quotes:

I’m just writing to thank you EBC Brakes Direct for you continued support. Without you I could not get the results I am getting at the moment.

I’ve done lots of advertising for you. I’ve got “EBC BRAKES” included in my stickers on my bike and I’ve been making sure to give you a mention on all my social media whenever I’ve put a picture on, not to mention telling every person I race with to use your products. I’d like to think this is the start of a good partnership as I’m starting to get the results I know I can.

Thanks again!
Adam Barratt

Adam Barratt in action!

Adam Barratt on the podium.


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Natalie Kane in action!


Natalie Kane

Natalie Kane is a 24 year old female motocross rider who races in the Women’s World Motocross Championship series and the SM Swedish Championship. Natalie started racing at the very young age of five and has been a focused and determined rider ever since with the ambition to become the world number one. Natalie has had a number of setbacks this year such as physical injuries and mechanical problems that have seen her miss a few races.


Despite the problems Natalie got back on the saddle and gained some excellent results in the Swedish Championship and won the MXSM MX-Girls series recently.


Latest Natalie Kane Race Reports:

Natalie Kane in action!Now I have some GOOD NEWS!

Swedish Championship Round 6 of 7

I was at the Swedish Championship in Finspång for round 6 of 7. I felt great all weekend and I had got some good days riding in before the race. Everything just seemed to go to plan posting best time in qualifying by over 3 seconds faster than the next best time.

1st Moto – I holeshotted and pulled a nice gap, meaning I could ride my own race winning by 18 seconds.

nat-kane-9-16-5s2nd Moto – I was a little more nervous as I knew if I got top five I would be able to get the championship wrapped up this weekend. Again I holeshotted and just pushed hard. 1st 3 laps getting a nice lead taking another win and getting the championship for the 3rd time in a row.

Also before the 2nd Moto only another girls father told me that my rear wheel was not tight, then maybe it could have been a not so good weekend, so again small problems that should not happen!

I am very happy about this weekend and to be Swedish champion again as the top six girls also ride the World Championship.


Swedish Championship Round 7 of 7

Natalie Kane in action!The final round was run different to the others, with practice and racing all done over one day. With no qualifying, the gates were picked from your position in the championship. We did have a morning warm up of 20 minutes which I stayed out the whole time to learn the track and get a good flow for it for the races.

1st Moto – I only needed two points to take the championship, but I was still feeling pretty nervous and unfortunately made a bad start. I slowly made my way to the front and after a hard battle with Genette Vage, I took the lead with three laps to go. With the win came the championship win, which was an awesome feeling.

2nd Moto – I made no changes for the second race and went on to take the win.

nat-kane-9-16-8This year has been mixed with a lot of ups and downs, so getting this championship was a great feeling for me. This allows me to give something back to all my supporters and sponsors, and I really appreciate all the help and continued support.

I am planning to race in 2017 if possible but I will keep you updated on that when I know more.  For now thank you to all my amazing sponsors without whose help I wouldn’t have these opportunities to race all over the world.

Natalie Kane #44

Natalie Kane winning the Swedish Championship.


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Another benefit of the GPFAX sintered material is that it now has even better heat cycling ability allowing the brake pads to be raced, cooled, then raced again.

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The rotor blade is manufactured from German mill rolled stainless steel and the centre hub is decorated with the EBC logo that looks great on any bike.

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