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7th Place for Burns at Snetterton

EBC assisted rider Joe Burns was racing at Snetterton last weekend in round 6 of the Pirelli National Superstock 1000 Championship. The crowds gathered in rising temperatures to watch the exciting race with 54 superbike entries. Joe Burns has EBC GPFA race only brake pads fitted on his Kawasaki ZX10-R, a popular motorcycle racing brake pad choice by superbike racers because of the super grippy performance and super control as well as their heat cycling efficiency. Other motorcycle racing brake products available by EBC include the race and street friendly EPFA brake pads also manufactured from Double H sintered high friction formula, the ever popular Floating Brake Disc Rotors featuring the S-Drive and the all new trend setting Vee-Rotors™ with stunning looking colour options.

Joe spent the Friday during the qualifying rounds familiarising himself with the track and managed to gain 8th fasted lap time. Saturdays qualifying rounds were again in favourable sunny conditions and Joe finished with a 6th fasted lap time that resulted in a combined grid qualifying position in 7th place for the main race on Sunday.

On Sunday, the big race day Joe fell back to 11th position, moved to 10th by lap 3, but the race was then slowed for 3 laps with the safety car following an accident when a fallen rider and his bike were recovered from the track. Joe raced hard and then by lap 13 he had fought his way and finished the race in 7th place.

Joe stated about the race:

I came here not expecting a great deal, it not a favourite circuit of mine, so to finish 7th is better than I expected, but this is a long season and I have held onto 2nd place in the Championship.

Joe is now in a very favourable 2nd position in the overall Superstock 1000 Standings and his next race takes place on 19th July at Brands Hatch.

Joe Burns currently races using EBC GPFA sintered race only brake pads for top control and super stopping power during this seasons championship races. The friction level of these brake pads is extremely high and is all down to the design and the technology that goes into creating them, giving them the ability them to ‘heat cycle’, warm up and cool down. This enables them the high durability needed during Superbike racing.

EPFA Sintered Fast Street and Trackday Pads
A popular choice by superbike racers is the race and street friendly EBC Extreme Pro brake pads also known as EPFA brake pads. These brake pads are fantastic for motorcycle racing as the compound they are made from has extra friction stabilizing additives that totally improve the ‘heat cycling’ braking effect.

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New EBC Vee-Rotors™

The all new fully floating EBC-Vee Rotors™ are designed in line with ongoing trends for motorcycle riders who want to customise their bikes rather the just replace the parts. These new lightweight rotors are available in standard black but also come in a range of stunning colour options. They also feature patented SD system hardware and are fully stainless steel heat treated and tempered back to the optimum hardness to give the optimum performance. The Vee-Rotor™ is also available for rear use.

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Floating MC Rotors

EBC floating MC rotors or X & XC brake disc rotors as they are sometime known are ultra lightweight, best selling and best performance discs available for all modern racing sport bikes. The rotors feature the EBC Brakes unique and patented S-Drive button system that features square sided rivets captured in square drive pockets on the hub and rotor. These are in place allow the outer rotor blade to expand and contract freely under the heat of braking without suffering rivet lock.

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