George Stanley climbs Superstock 600 with EBC racing brakes image

George Stanley climbs Superstock 600 with EBC racing brakes

George Stanley has had an eventful 2015 season in his first ever British Championship – The Pirelli National Superstock 600 class using EBC motorcycle racing brakes.

The EBC motorcycle racing brakes he is using include highest performance sintered GPFAX race only brake pads and organic motorcycle brake pads.


Here is George Stanley 2015 racing season round up:

2015 has not been a bad year for my first year at British Championship and also my first year on a 600. I have competed in the Pirelli National Superstock 600 class which is a class that is known to be tough as it has many young riders wanting to show Britain that they have what it takes to become a professional rider.

The year started off well at the first round at Donington Park where I qualified 26th which I wasn’t happy about even though it was out of 52 riders at the event. The race went much better as I managed to get 12th and score points in my first race at BSB.

Round 2 took place at Brands Hatch Indy where we had gearbox problems which is a common thing in the Kawasaki ZX6R. I managed 26th once again, but in the race the gearbox got worse and I could only manage 26th.

Round 3 was held at Oulton Park, it was mixed conditions and cold all weekend and my first time there on the 600 as we don’t go out testing so it was hard. Q2 was the first dry session and I managed to qualify 23rd which was an improvement but I wanted to qualify within the top 15 to give myself a better chance in the race. I ended up finishing 11th which I was happy about, starting from 23rd.

Round 4 we headed off to the World Superbike Support Round. This was the biggest shock of the year for me, it started off as an average weekend, free practice I was 21st which wasn’t too bad but I expected more, then we headed into Q1 where I ended 12th but still felt uncomfortable on the bike. That night we changed a lot of the things around on the bike as well as me changing back to my old boots just to feel comfy! The next day was very unexpected. In Q2 I managed to get 5th, only 0.1 of a second off the existing lap record! In the race I managed 5th but I was disappointed I couldn’t keep up with the front 4!

We missed the next two rounds as we went to the official BSB test at Snetterton and I fell off and we were unable to race due to the financial side of things.

My first round back was round 7 at Brands GP, it was tougher than I expected but having never ridden the GP circuit and missing two rounds it was to be expected! I qualified 23rd which I wasn’t happy about. The race was also very disappointing only coming 20th.

Thruxton was next up also a track I had never been to. The weekend went well starting off average in free practice in 23rd but by Q2 working my way up to 12th! The race was also okay but a little disappointing as I wasn’t able to hang with the front group but came 11th which wasn’t too bad!

The next two rounds proved to be tough after thinking I would be able to work my way up from 11th to a top ten finish. Cadwell we struggled to find a good set up and qualified 28th then going into the race I was able to get up to 15th but still was not happy with that performance.

Oulton Park was up again and the weekend didn’t go well as in the sessions it would rain and I could only manage 20th in qualifying. Warm up was later on that day and we changed the set up and I was able to get 14th, whilst getting held up on my last two laps which I know I could have improved on. This meant I felt much more confident going into the race. Unfortunately we had a mechanical problem which caused the bike to have no acceleration out of the corners and I could once again only manage 15th and scored the last point available.

The next round was one I was really looking forward to as I am usually better on fast flowing tracks and we were heading off to Silverstone, this was a much more positive weekend as in Q1 I qualified 12th and was looking forward to build on that. We went into Q2 expecting to improve but we had changed the bike and it was worse but the session had been cut short meaning I couldn’t pull in to have it changed again so we ended up starting from 19th. The race started off looking like it was going to be just as disappointing as the last few races due to me being nearly caught up in someone’s crash and finding myself in 19th still, but I was able to pick the pace up and lap faster than everyone up to 8th and finish tenth just behind the pack battling for 7th.

Coming into the last round of the year I really wanted to end the season on a high so I could go into 2016 knowing I could run at the front of the class, I managed to qualify 9th which I was unhappy about as I was running in 5th for most of the session. In the first part of the race I was in 10th not able to keep up with the front pack and not equalling or beating my time from earlier in the season which I was very frustrated with but then the safety car came out followed not long after by the red flag. At the restart I got a good start and managed to get up into 7th place and had a good pace but mid race I just lost my concentration for a few corners and I found myself in tenth and then colliding with another rider costing us both time, then I got back into my rhythm and on the last lap I did my best time of the race and also the 4th fastest lap which I was happy with as I now know I can do the lap times required to be at the front and also do them comfortably.

Overall it’s not been a bad season, but I’m hoping to go into next year much faster and fitter than before and fight for the wins with the best in Britain on a Superstock 600!

More EBC Motorcycle racing brake product details:

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Another benefit of the GPFAX sintered material is that it now has even better heat cycling ability allowing the brake pads to be raced, cooled, then raced again.

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EBC Organic motorcycle brake pads are Europe’s first and only ECE R90 approved brake pad. Manufactured at EFI in Bristol, these brake pads perform as well as any sintered pads, as proved by R90 compliance. This ‘aramid’ series has now been renamed Non-Asbestos Organic or NAO and is created from aramid fibre in conjunction with other high tech modern fibres. If you want a value for money all round brake pad replacement then the NAO series is the perfect choice for all levels of motorcycle and is very popular with many riders who prefer the “feel” of organic pads.

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