Photo: LRJ Racing - Chloe Jones and Adam Hartgrove

LRJ Racing dream to go bigger and better in 2018 with EBC Brakes

The LRJ Racing Team consisting of two talented upcoming teenage racers Chloe Jones and Adam Hartgrove, have an exciting season ahead in which they dream of going bigger and better after taking onboard new challenges in 2018.

Catch up with their latest racing news …

Chloe Jones

During the 2018 racing season Chloe will be competing in the Adults Open Class of the British Mini Bike Road Racing Championship since turning 14 in December 2017. There will be exciting times ahead for this enthusiastic and gutsy racer who can’t wait to get onboard her newly rebuilt Honda CRF150 bike.

Her superbike is equipped with EBC Double H brake pads for the highest stopping performance and precision control needed on the race track.

Chloe had a terrific racing season in 2017 when she secured the British Mini Bike Championship with still one round to go. Girl power all the way, and good luck for the season ahead Chloe!

More recently Chloe has been competing in the BMB Winter Series 2017/2018 and has so far won two races during Round Two which took place at Fullbeck on 9th December 2017. During Round Three, which took place at Whilton Mill on 29th December 2017, Chloe decided it was time to race with the adults in the 140 Class and qualified in 9th place, she then went on to finish the first race in 4th and the 2nd race in 2nd. There’s no stopping this girl!

Round Four will be taking place on 28th January 2018 at Stretton Karting Circuit in Leicester.

Exciting times. My Honda CRF150 bike is almost rebuilt. Can’t wait to get out on this and race with the adults. 2018 is going to be great!

Photo: Chloe Jones preparing for Round 3 of the Winter British Mini Bike Championship

Adam Hartgrove

Photo: Adam Hartgrove

18 year old racer Adam Hartgrove had a hugely successful season in 2017 when he achieved an impressive second place finish overall in the Bemsee MRO 600 Championship. During Round Nine, which took place at Cadwell Park on 16th – 17th September 2017, Adam got three 3rds and a 4th place finish. Round 10 took place at Snetterton on 7th – 8th October 2017 and saw Adam finish in 10th in Race One, 8th in Race Two and a DNF in Race Three due to a broken gear selector. In Race Four he came in 5th and finished as runner up in the Championship overall, so a good season yet again for Adam.

Adam will be competing in the BSB 600 Superstock Class next season and has already bagged a single Championship point after his initial National Superstock 600 debut which took place at Brands Hatch on 14th – 15th October 2017.

Adam, like Chloe, is also using EBC Double H brake pads for their great stopping power!

We had a great race at Brands Hatch BSB coming in 15th place out of 38 and getting one championship point. So happy!

We got invited to go in the full supersport race after our great race in the Superstock Race.
We had to start from last, 34th place, and went over the line in 20th place on a stock bike. Unbelievable weekend!

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