Phoenix Race Team at Mallory Park

High-speed crashes and high-speed wins for Luke Turner and Jordan Gill of Phoenix Commercial Fleet Services Race Team at round 4 of the GB Racing 600 Elite championship.

Luke and Jordan depend on EBC GPFAX and Organic brake pads for their high quality and durability.

Riding under the hot Leicester sun, Phoenix Race Team had two riders qualifying in the top three of their respective classes at Mallory Park for round 4 of the GB Racing 600 Elite championship.

It was Luke Turner’s first time on the circuit, coming close to a lap record in qualifying, and the second outing on a 600 machine for Jordan Gill who put himself 3rd on the grid.

Luke was short on luck as another rider crashed into the back of him early in the first race, severely damaging the bike.

It was soon rebuilt for race two and Luke was back out pushing for the lead. But he tipped off at Gerard’s Bend at 100mph, resulting in further damage to the bike and taking Luke out of the race.

Phoenix Race Team at Mallory Park
Phoenix Race Team at Mallory Park

Jordan’s first race saw him focus on getting a good start and trying to latch on to the back of the faster racers to get a tow and learn more about the track, finishing in 5th place.

For the second race Jordan tried to get the best possible start and run away from the front. He was in 2nd place when an unfortunate mistake meant he was unable to catch up but was able to finish on the podium in 3rd with a personal best of 53.2 seconds.

Jordan had a better start on the final race but a massive incident occurred on the first lap and saw a few of leaders crashing out. One collided with Jordan, bending his clutch lever but he was able to stay on the bike and finish with another PB of 53.0 seconds in 1st place.

Phoenix Race Team say it was one of the most enjoyable weekends they’ve had in their seven-year history.

Phoenix Race Team at Mallory Park

Photos courtesy of Ian Boldy.

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