Natalie Kane at MXSM Swedish National Championship final 2018

Natalie Kane finishes the MXSM Swedish National Championship on top in Varberg.

Natalie races with EBC CX Extreme™ Motocross Rotors and MXS Series Moto-X Race Pads.

Having already scored enough points to win the Swedish National Championship, Natalie Kane had a much more relaxed final race. Here’s the report from the weekend that she sent to EBC Brakes from the weekend:

The Swedish National Championship is over for another year, with the final round being held in Varberg, pretty close to Gothenburg. There was no qualifying as we left the gates from our positions in the championship. The race was held over one day so that the presentation could be held in the evening.

It was really nasty weather with high wind speeds and big rain showers on and off all day. The wind was bad in some areas of the track and caught my front wheel over jumps but otherwise the track was really nice, and I still had the fastest lap time (not that it mattered in the warm up.)

I almost had the hole shot for race 1 but I just got pipped for it by half a wheel. I was quickly into 1st and with the championship already won I could relax a lot more as I was struggling to ride relaxed all year in these races. I kept my lap times pretty consistent and lapped the whole way up to 5th position and right on 4th over the line! I had so much fun and really felt like I actually rode how I can ride, winning the race by over one minute.

Natalie Kane at MXSM Swedish National Championship final 2018
Natalie Kane at MXSM Swedish National Championship final 2018

I had a start crash that was out of my control for race 2; another rider just come across me and took the front wheel which meant I ended up stuck on her, so half of my wheel spokes got ripped out and my whole front end was all messed up. As soon as I rode off from the start I knew something was wrong with the wheel and I had no front brake. I still tried to ride and had caught up, battling for the lead anyway, as I will never give up until the end. Even though I had already won the championship I really wanted to have an undefeated season and to always do my best.

Unfortunately, just as I was trying to pass for the lead the front end locked up and I was not able to finish the race. I was so disappointed and frustrated over this; words cannot even describe how I felt that this had happened. But I just tried to stay positive.

Overall, I am really happy with my riding over the weekend. I was a little sore and banged up also, but nothing serious.

Thank you again so much for all of your help and support. I would not be able to become Swedish Champion again without you!

Congratulations Natalie on a well-earned result!

Photographs courtesy of Caroline Joelsson and AC Photos.

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