Superbike riders gaining success with EBC motorcycle racing brakes

EBC are proud to be assisting some of the UK’s highly achieving superbike riders this year with high quality motorcycle racing brakes. Here is a summary of all our superbike riders and how they are doing at present:

Davy Morgan

Davy Morgan has gained valuable track time recently at the Cookstown 100 Road Races. He is equipped with EPFA and GPFAX brake pads on his Magic Bullet Yamaha R6. His following race meeting at Tandragee saw Davy finish in a good 6th place.


Davy’s quote on the Cookstown race:

I am disappointed with my positions and lap times this weekend, the only positive was that I got some important track time, but I am not happy with how I was riding and know I can go faster. At least we got a couple of small bike issues sorted out heading to Tandragee next weekend, when hopefully I will feel more comfortable on the bikes.

Read Davy Morgan’s full race report here:



George Stanley

George Stanley was happy with the result of his first race at Oulton Park when he managed to finish in 11th place after passing lots of other riders. George has GPFAX brake pads and Organic brake pads fitted on his Kawasaki ZX6R.

The EBC brake pads were faultless as always with no problems whatsoever. In fact other riders have asked us what pads we are using as they are having brake problems on other manufacturers products and they are now planning to use your  pads to sort their problems. We are happy to spread the word on how good your pads are and hope this is good for you!


Cormac Conroy

Cormac Conroy was entered into the second round of the CRMC Championship over the May Bank Holiday at Cadwell Park but due to not making a full recovery from his Pembrey crash in April, he decided to skip racing. He will instead be appearing at the Mondello Masters which is taking place at Mondello Park on May 23rd & 24th.


Cormac is riding a Kawasaki ZXR750 in the Classic Superbike Class and a Kawasaki ZX6 in the Pre Injection 600 Class with EPFA brake pads fitted.




The CIA Landlords Insurance Honda Team

The CIA Landlords Insurance Honda Team had mixed results in the recent Imola race that was held on 10/05/2015. Ricardo Russo finished just 1.5 seconds behind Wilairot in 7th position but then ended up in 8th place in his home round.

Martin Cardenas had a ninth place finish in a lonelier race on one of his least favourite race tracks layouts. Gino Rea fought hard for the sixth place finish against Wilairot but ended up in a frustrating 7th place.

The CIA Landlords Insurance Honda Team have GPFAX race only brake pads installed on their Honda CBR600RRE superbikes.

Gino Rea quoted:

I wasn’t strong enough in the first part of the race. On the last lap I touched with Wilairot and lost a bit of time and couldn’t reclaim sixth. Wilairot came past me on the straight, I outbraked him going into Piratella and we clashed. I went off track a bit and over the kerb and lost too much time to get back to him. A bit frustrating not to get that sixth place but it is not where we want to be anyway. I want to get back fighting for the podium. That’s my only target for the next round at home in the UK.

Martin Cardenas quoted:

It was OK for us in the race because it was definitely much better than qualifying. I had to start from 15th position. We changed something after warm up and it worked, so we kept it for the race. I think the race pace was quite good and I could get into the top ten at the end.

Riccardo Russo quoted:

Today was a bit better but my start was no good. Step by step I made some good lap times to recover and pass other riders. I had a battle with Gino and Ratthapark, but on one corner, in two or three laps, I found a false neutral and the bike went straight. I am happy with the good work of the team and the suspension settings were good here.

Full race report here: https://www.hondaproracing.com/wss/news/?race_event_report=3721




RAF Classic Motorcycle Racing Team

The RAF Classic Racers were racing in round 2 of the Classic Racing Motorcycle Club at Cadwell Park over the early May Bank Holiday and experienced mixed fortunes. The team have EBC Organic motorcycle brake pads fitted on their classic racing bikes.


Brand new member to the team, Sgt Tom Flynn was unable to qualify for his ACU licence in time due to just returning from a 6 month deployment to the Falkland Islands. He did however get a full days testing of his Yamaha 250 on the Friday in preparation for his inaugural meeting next month.


This was the first meeting of the year for Flight Sergeant Dave Bond as he was unable to make Pembrey at Easter, he started the weekend with good expectations after his Suzuki 250 underwent a winter of modifications including brakes/discs/tyres/wheels/fairing etc. Unfortunately however, he failed to finish a race having to retire from all of the races with intermittent suspected ignition problems.


With Houston and Langley away this just left Cpl “Barney” Bartlett, Sgt Andy Green and Sqn Ldr Symon Woodward to compete on their Yamaha 250s, Green and Woodward competed on their Honda 125s with Woodward also defending his title on his Yamaha 500. The Saturday consisted of testing, practices and racing on a surprisingly bitterly cold day, with only the 125s racing on Saturday.


This year the Club are trialling a new system for determining grid positions, one which Green is obviously unhappy about considering the amount of time he spent all weekend complaining about his lowly grid position. Despite starting further down the field than he thought he deserved Green delivered some good performances. This was hindered on the Monday by an occasional misfire but at least the bike finished, which was more than could be said for Woodward’s 125. Out of 5 outings the bike never made it to the chequered flag, breaking down around the circuit leaving Woodward to run back to the collection area as he was in the following race on his 500. The bike must have enjoyed the trips off circuit in the recovery van so much it decided to let the rider try similar. On the first lap of the last race the bike seized mid-corner, throwing Woodward head first into the ground. This time both bike and rider were carried off in vans, with the rider ending up in Grimsby A&E bashed and bruised with a broken collar bone and wrist.


Green’s unhappiness of his grid position continued into the 250 races, although he always managed to get a good start. Green was hindered by front brake problems throughout the weekend but after he changed his front tractor tyre for a motorcycle racing tyre he managed to achieve good results, the best being a fourth. This was not, however, enough to claim bragging rights over Bartlett as his consistent improvement meant that they were honours even, beating each other twice each, although they still have some work to do to catch up with Woodward who always finished in front except for the last race where his trip to A&E meant he was a non starter.


Woodward’s first 500 race started in a monsoon on Sunday morning, it was so bad that the meeting was postponed for 2 hours straight after whilst all of the lying water drained away. The race did not start well, with clutch problems on the start line resulting in Woodward stalling the bike and being unable to get it started. Undeterred, he pushed the bike off the start line and whilst the race started he pushed his bike up the adjacent hill, bump started the bike down the hill and joined the race a lap down. He made up for this disappointment by winning the 2nd and 3rd race and setting a new lap record, unfortunately his crash on the 125 meant that he could not start the last race.


June will see the Team competing at Anglesey, including Sgt Flynn’s first race, until that time there are plenty of machines and riders which need some loving care and attention to ensure they are fit to compete. Let’s wish them all a successful recovery.




Ryan Dixon

Ryan Dixon has been racing in round 2 and 3 of the British Supersport Evo Championship. During round 2 Ryan endured a tough weekend overall and struggled to find a good setting, but in the end managed to better his best laptime around the circuit by 0.6 of a second, as well as scoring more points for the championship.


Round 3 saw Ryan racing on the picturesque circuit of Oulton Park in the North West. In contrast to round 2 Ryan had a good race and achieved some rewarding positions managing also to improve on his lap times.


Ryan Dixon uses GPFAX brake pads, Double H Brake Pads and SRK Sportbike Race Clutch Kits on his YAMAHA R6 09 superbike.

Oulton was a fantastic weekend, it did wonders for my confidence on the bike. I was really pleased with the positions I managed and that coupled with knocking 2.2 seconds off of my best lap time there, I couldn’t really have asked for much more!


Here are some EBC motorcycle racing brake product details:


GPFAX sintered race only brake pads

The new GPFAX Formula Sintered Race pads are a direct replacement of the GPFA series. This new formula is even higher in friction and created specifically to be used only on asphalt surfaces such as those found in race track conditions. Because of the super performance that they provide these brake pads are a growing favourite choice by superbike racers.

Another benefit of the new GPFAX sintered material is that it now has even better heat cycling ability allowing the brake pads to be raced, cooled, then raced again.

Read more about GPFAX brake pads here!


EPFA Sintered Fast Street and Trackday Pads
EBC Extreme Pro brake pads also known as EPFA brake pads are the racers choice for superbike racing and are excellent for street use too! These brake pads are fantastic for motorcycle racing as the compound they are made from has extra friction stabilizing additives that totally improve the ‘heat cycling’ braking effect.

Read more about EPFA brake pads here!


EBC Organic Motorcycle Brakes

EBC Organic motorcycle brake pads are Europe’s first and only ECE R90 approved brake pad. Manufactured at EFI in Bristol, these brake pads perform as well as any sintered pads, as proved by R90 compliance. This ‘aramid’ series has now been renamed Non-Asbestos Organic or NAO and is created from Dupont aramid fibre in conjunction with other high tech modern fibres. If you want a value for money all round brake pad replacement then the NAO series is the perfect choice for all levels of motorcycle and is very popular with many riders who prefer the “feel” of organic pads.

Read more about EBC Organic Motorcycle Brakes here!


EBC Double-H™ Superbike Pads
EBC Double-H™ pads are the top choice street legal brake pads you can buy for the best grip.

Made from sintered copper alloy, these brake pads benefit from the highest friction HH rating for maximum stopping power. EBC Double-H™ Superbike pads give perfect braking under all riding conditions, be it wet, dry, hot or cold. Unique stainless steel radiator plates are fitted when required to reduce heat transfer into the hydraulics of the motorbike. The double segment vented design is totally unique and keeps the pads cooler and prevents pad drag and overheat or fade.

Read more about EBC Brakes Double-H™ Superbike Pads here!


SRK Aramid Fibre Sportbike Race Clutch Kits

SRK Aramid Fibre Sportbike Race Clutch Kits include an aramid fibre lined full engine set of plates as well as heavy duty clutch springs in either diaphragm or coil type and a set of steel separator plates. This clutch kit is suitable for handling the high stress and increasing horsepower of most motorcycle engines and also has the ability to reset the vehicles stack height during a clutch rebuild.


Read more about SRK Aramid Fibre Sportbike Race Clutch Kits here!


To find out where to buy EBC Brakes products check this link:

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