Sets can be delivered with or without accessories with a quality that meets or beats any OEM part with a price to beat anything except Chinese products. EFI products carry a unique brake in coating to speed up bed in times. The EFI product can be fitted and driven away, no need for pre bedding in advance of vehicle testing.

With safety a prime concern on public roads 30 tonne GVW is not a vehicle where brake components should be taken lightly and the EFI product is proven and tested to all know standards and will beat any competitor in terms of wear life, reduced rotor damage and reduced heat generation. Tests performed on London Buses showed a significant reduction in heat cracking and temperatures in service.

EFI also produce a superb range of BUS and COACH brake pads and are OE suppliers to main players in the Industry.

With over 70 years of pedigree in the manufacture of disc brake pads, full one to one scale dyno testing facilities, full R and D facilities and designing their own brake compounds, EFI sets new trends in pad wear life and reduced service costs.

In an era where all the “ famous names” have rushed overseas to produce parts in “Low Cost” countries EFI has stayed the course with its 100% British quality products.

After all it’s the product inside that matters, not the name on the box.

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