After the great success of the EBC Bluestuff NDX EBC tech people identified certain shortfalls on FULL RACE use of the Blues that required it to go back to the drawing board to address issues of this very tough and demanding RACE ONLY brake segment.

Most drivers LOVED the new NDX Bluestuff as it was a street friendly and (soon to be) street legal to R 90 specification with a great price point ,however heavier and faster cars such as the EVO, newer Impreza and certainly the GTR showed a requirement for a dedicated FULL RACE pad and R and D chief Steve Payne came up with the new EBC Orangestuff range to fit the bill.

Boy was this ever a home run.!!!!!

First material in a brief two months work on the new material and Steve Blended a TOTALLY new material as EBC Orangestuff , using ingredients never used in EBC brake pads before and IT WORKS.

EBC Orangestuff has now been released for extensive track testing with up to 50 race drivers and the results are coming in fast, here are the comments of one of the first Mitsubishi EVO drivers.

Written by GUM EVO.

During run in period I noticed cold bite was superb and there was no noises much to my surprise 🙂 Anyway Saturday morning came and the sprint at Snetterton began… anyone who attended would vouch the braking needed at the finish line was a test for any ones brake setup! I was crossing the line at about 120 on the limiter in 4th gear then stamping on the brakes to stop in what was a very short distance to exit the circuit. The EBC Orangestuff pads offered me astonishing cold bite and immense stopping power whilst never fading ….
Overall the pads have been used for one sprint and two days of running in… so far proving to be one of the best pads I have ever used along side the xp10’s……

The main advantage for me so far is these EBC Orangestuff pads should be priced very closely or the same as EBC NDX blues which makes them the bargain of the century.

Please regardless of how easy it is to accuse, believe me when I say this is a total independent test from an enthusiast and unbiased in anyway. I have used many brake pads in my time ranging from: XP8, XP10, NDX blue, EBC Orangestuff, Endless, PF.11, DS2500 etc etc and have just given an honest opinion and will continue to do so throughout the life span of these pads. I have no raw data or substantial evidence to prove these pads to be better than any other as I have no test equipment but take the review as you please J

Just to add I came 1st place in my class at Snetterton during the MLRSS and have secured the class A 2011 win.


Thanks Steve for these honest and unbiased comments and we hope to hear back from you again soon.

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