15 Aug 2012
August 15, 2012

EBC Brakes in South Africa


EBC Bluestuff NDX Pads

Good evening everyone.
Remember me?

You guys shipped me some Bluestuff NDX pads front and rear for my Mk5 GTI DSG that has a complete K04 conversion.

I bought new EBC Ultimax BlackDash USR Slotted Rotor’s for the front and reused the stock rears as they were in good nick still.

Below is a link to my build thread with a very honest account of my experience in all aspects:

I would like to thank you whole heartedly for the opportunity you gave me to evaluate the Blue Stuff pads. Your service was top notch.

Unfortunately the local supplier was not able to supply the correct discs for the first track day and it was a rushed experience on the Yellow Stuff pads on track and they probably didn’t get a the easiest brake in. (on the track)

Once the correct discs arrived the Bluestuff NDX pads were fitted. They did take a long time to bed in. From what I understand it has to with the single pot calliper design and also as the car is not driven very hard in between track days as it generally has the family on weekends so that pushed out the run in time even further.

Today I was able to torture them on the track. They have had about 4/6 months to bed in and they were 100% bedded in before the track day and working very well on the street.
It’s been very cold here roughly 0-5c every morning and the brakes worked even on first stop from normal 60-100km/h stops and almost felt as good as the stocks in very cold fist stop conditions. But put one of two light heat cycles through them and they would come into their own.

On track today they were simply incredible. Even my mate that was a passenger today was impressed with the cars stopping ability. Never over heating or even the slightest sign of fading. They simply got stronger and stronger the more material transferred onto the discs.

I improved my lap times as well. Last year I did a 2:13.0 on the Yellowstuff brake pads around Kyalami. I have had no mods in between except the change to the Bluestuff NDX pads.

Today I did a 2:09.8. I had much better brakes. I was able to go quicker but kept catching traffic on my really hot laps. That’s a testament a in corners and under acceleration I wasn’t catching people that much but dropping them by many meters and in some cases 20-30 meters into corners. They simply inspired committed braking.

I really hope that these pads if they haven’t yet ,do go into full production so the rest of the VW/Audi fraternity get to experience these pads.

From a daily driver for the wife and kids to a Race track rebel when required. These brakes have simply blown me away. And trust me. My wife would not tolerate squealing brakes daily.

Again thanks.

Regards John

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  1. I need to enquire about front disc rotors for a 2008 triumph tiger 1050 motorcycle. Please could I have a phone number for your office in South Africa


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