In round 4 of the Northern Karting Federation Super 4 250 British Championship at the Cumbria Kart Racing Club, EBC driver Marcus Hudson battled hurdles to score impressive positions

Date- 24/08/2019 -25/08/2019
Track Conditions- Sunday Sunny 27c
Location- Rowrah, Cumbria


Heat 1
Grid: 2nd

As we lined up on the grid waiting for the lights to go on, the kart was getting choked up and I knew I was going to be in trouble. As the lights went out the engine didn’t pull and I had to slip the clutch to try and get the kart to move. Lots of karts went by me and luckily managed to miss me. I was in tenth position as I enter the first corner. The kart in front was slower but was placing themselves in a position to make it difficult to over take. I was stuck behind him for a few laps but going into the last corner I dived underneath him on the inside making the pass for 9th place. As I’d lost so much time stuck behind him I was unable to improve my position finishing 9th.

Heat 2
Grid: 9th

In the paddock we adjusted the carburettor to help us off the start line. This worked, the start was good and we made up one place. On the first lap going down the first straight I made up one position. Going into the hairpin called McRaes I was down the inside and out braked number 5 and nearly got by 96. This moved me up to 7th. Half way through the race I was battling with 85 at McRaes, he went underneath me but I knew he went in too hot and I cut back underneath him on the exit to pass him again. A few laps later I lost the position and with two laps left I moved up to 7th place where I finished.

Marcus Hudson at NFK round 1
Heat 3
Grid: 7th

Unfortunately the issue we were having with the starts struck us again in heat 3 resulting in another poor start. On the first lap there was a crash which I managed to miss all the chaos and made up four places. The kart was handling well and I wasn’t experiencing any rear hop. I caught up to number 17 for 5th place and went up the inside of him going into McRaes hairpin taking 5th place. With three laps left I was passed going down the back straight putting me into 6th place.


We lined up 9th on the grid. We were all battling for positions through the chicane and down the first straight. I made up one position in McRaes and passed number 17 going into Iredale’s which is the hairpin that followed the straight after McRaes. Half way through the race I was running in 7th place. I was quicker than 6th place and catching him. Five laps later on lap 10 I passed him down the straight just before Stewart Esses. Then on lap 14 number 96 had a dramatic engine failure engulfing one of the straights in smoke and this moved me up to 5th position which I held to the end of the race.


I was happy with the handling of the kart as I didn’t experience any rear hop which was encouraging as we have had issue with it during the season.

We currently sit joint 4th in the standing. The championship is very close. Next round is at Rissington, in the Cotswolds. The circuit is very fast with all corners high speed with 2G forces around most of the circuit.

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