MTB rider Rui Teixeira racing in 2016 with EBC bike brake pads image
MTB rider Rui Teixeira racing in 2016 with EBC bike brake pads

EBC Brakes are pleased to be sponsoring MTB (mountain bike) rider Rui Teixeira in the 2016 season with EBC mountain bike brake pads and discs. Rui, who is originally from Portugal, is a semi-professional downhill athlete and first started to race at the age of 11 years. Since then he has built up a very good history of racing, particularly downhill racing. Rui describes himself as a dedicated perfectionist and this season he will be putting all of his skills into climbing up the Championship ladder to one day compete in the World Cup.

During the 2016 season Rui will be racing with a range of EBC MTB brake pads including sintered gold MTB brake pads, red MTB brake pads and green MTB brake pads. (Please see photo below that Rui has sent showing the array of pads and promotional wear that he has been supplied with from EBC).

Rui Teixeira quotes:

Another amazing brand that will be with me in the next season! So happy to know that now I can count on the support of EBC Brakes, probably the best brand of brake pads for bikes on the market! Thanks so much for the trust and for the great opportunity guys! #‎ebcbrakes‬ ‪#‎newsponsor‬ ‪#‎stoked‬
Rui Teixeira

Array of EBC MTB brakes and promotional gear photo.

Rui Teixweira social media:

Facebook Page

Rui Teixeira in action!

More EBC MTB product information:

EBC Gold MTB Brake PadsEBC Gold MTB Brake Pads

These Gold MTB Brake pads are made from tough sintered copper alloy that is specifically designed to last several times longer than other formula brake compounds such as organic.

The friction rating of EBC sintered gold grade MTB brake pads is much higher than anything else out there. This formula is also stronger than anything you can buy. This high quality brake pad is made in the USA and used as original equipment. These pads are great value for money and for the minimoto racer or everyday bike rider these are the wisest choice to make.

Read more about EBC Gold MTB Brake Pads here!

EBC Red MTB Brake PadsEBC Red MTB brake pads

EBC Red MTB Brake Pads are very high in friction and are organic so can be used on all types of bike rotors. These pads are the perfect choice for downhill racing as the brake fluid lines are not as prone to swelling or softening if they become overheated anywhere near as much as if sintered pads are used. They provide minimal heat transfer and low rotor damage on bikes that have a hydraulic system.

Read more about EBC Red MTB Brake Pads here!

EBC Green MTB Brake PadsEBC Green MTB brake pads

EBC Green MTB Brake Pads are an organic high quality product providing a great all round replacement for all types of bikes and all styles of riding, including cross country, trekking and pleasure riding. If in doubt, then Green MTB brake pads provide a good universal option for the rider. They are made with magnetic stainless steel backing plates as all the other available EBC MTB pads.

Read more about EBC Green MTB Brake Pads here!

To find out where to buy EBC Brakes products check this link:

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