Photo: Thom Guibal to start racing season with EBC mountain bike brakes

Photo Credit: Oliver Haggren

Thom Guibal to start racing season with EBC mountain bike brakes

EBC Brakes are delighted to have on-board 23 year old French mountain bike racer Thom Guibal, who will be soon starting off his racing season equipped with EBC mountain bike brakes. Thom had a fantastic season last year in 2016 when he raced in his first World Cup in Sainte Anne with Team France and is currently in training for this year’s downhill mountain bike racing season which runs from March to September.

Thom’s latest video shows the type of terrain that he typically races down and the need for high friction EBC mountain bike brakes:

Thom Guibal in action!

Photo Credit: Frame 44’

Here is Thom’s bio:

My name is Thomas Guibal, I’m 23 years old, for 19 years I lived in Montpellier (south of France) and since 2013 I have lived in Barcelonnette in the southern French Alps.I started riding bikes seven years ago now, and since then I’ve never stopped and downhill biking is now part of me!

I passed a sport management bachelor degree in 2015 at the University of Montpellier, and I’m now studying a master’s degree in sports management at the University of Grenoble and during the winter season I work as a ski instructor.

2016 has been my best season so far, I travelled a lot and I discovered awesome places with my bike and I was lucky enough to realize my first dream on a bike: ride a world cup with the Team France ! It was in Mont Sainte Anne, Canada in August.

I’m now more in form than ever on my bike and I’m ready for 2017 with new goals, new projects and new sponsors!

I’d like to thank all the EBC Brakes team for a lot for trust in me for this new year!

Thom Guibal in action!

Photo Credit: Keith Valentine

Follow Thom’s progress during this mountain bike racing season on his Facebook page:
Keith Valentine

Photo Credit: Keith Valentine


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