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EBC ATV & Dirt Sintered Pads

For the ultimate durability EBC presents it’s “R” series high density ATV & dirt sintered series pads. A sintered copper material made in our own USA facility, the “R” Series of heavy duty ATV and moto-x pads have become an aftermarket standard offering high durability, high resistance to contamination by mud, water, sand and grit etc. offering reduced disc damage and long pad life.

Photo: EBC ATV Brake Pads Pack

Many of us enjoy riding off road with trying to be Malcolm Smith and getting the brakes red hot. For that group the ATV Sintered R series pads are an ideal choice for Off Road Riding. R Series pads are a sintered copper alloy pad made in our USA sintered production plant to deliver a medium to high friction pad, at an attractive price point that lasts well in all conditions of wet, mud water or sand.

Sintered brakes are a very modern and interesting technology, click here to read more about EBC sintered brakes. ATV Sintered R Series pads are equally well applied to two wheel and four wheel machines and as such are very well liked amongst ATV riders especially due to the conditions on some rides where the rear ATV rotor hangs down in the mud and chews through lower quality pads in a weekend. The EBC series pads are available for all modern ATV and Moto X bikes and are priced well below original parts.

R Series pads are also designed for minimum rotor abrasion and will not damage your bikes brake rotors. If you have a wear life problem with an ATV EBC does make an even longer lasting pad with its SV Series Severe Duty range, shown on this page.

The SV Series Severe duty brake pad is a High density sintered copper alloy for longest possible life in utility applications on ATV, especially in wet, mud, dust and dirt conditions.

EBC Brakes Organic motorcycle brake pads can be ordered from any stockist or purchased ONLINE in the UK at:

Sintered copper brakes are made by one of two processes, pressure sintering in a vacuum furnace or sintering through a belt furnace in a controlled atmosphere. The steel backing plates for the brake pads are copper coated and a preformed sintered copper “Puck” is located onto pips in the plate (either male or female) and the parts are passed through a furnace. At a pre-determined temperature the copper coating under the pad puck melts and fused the puck and plate together.

Sintering is a very exact process and the EBC expertise has made it a world leader in such technology and gained it numerous OE contracts. In the aftermarket EBC continues to offer sintered brakes for applications requiring longer life and higher heat performance and organic pads for sport and general purpose use. Both work well in their respective markets and have a place in the industry, elsewhere on this website we can explain the merits of each compound type and assist you in choosing what is right for your riding requirements.


    EBC Brakes do NOT recommend or endorse metal matrix, ceramic or composite discs and EBC brakes pads are NOT compatible with these and will cause DISC damage. If in the years to come this changes, this message will be modified.

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  1. Review By: Michael
    Vehicle: ATV
    Comment Subject: Service
    Purchase Location: USA


    A few weeks ago i sent you an email telling you how I had my break pads wore out in 3 rides on my atv. It also damaged my rear rotor. A few days later a person from EBC called me and told me I had bought the wrong break pads. He told me he could help me with some fresh break pads and a rotor at cost! I received my parts very quickly, this was great and I will be sure to tell every one about the great sevice you have provided! Thanks!

  2. Review By: Jeremy
    Vehicle: ATV
    Comment Subject: Performance
    Purchase Location: USA


    I’ve used EBC brakes on my Yamaha since I started racing years ago. Thank you for your time and keep making quality product EBC brakes, the best in the business. Thanks again!


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