Photo: EBC Carbon X or TT Brake Pad

EBC Carbon X or TT Brakes

EBC Brakes™ Carbon X or TT brake pads are suitable for either street or off road use. They are created from impregnated hybrid carbon to give medium lifetime and a cool disc braking temperature.

Photo: EBC Carbon X or TT brake pads

One name always comes to mind when talking about the best in off road riders and our old friend and long time EBC outlet in his shops Malcolm Smith is an avid supporter of the EBC Brakes Carbon X or TT Brakes range and has used them for years in Trail and Enduro riding.

Also multi time champ Randy Hawkins has been a long time user of EBC carbon based X pads (or TT pads as we call them in Europe for years.)

Although the Carbon X or TT Brakes will not outlast a sintered copper brake pad it has the unique benefit of lower heat generation and transfer. When riding off road in fast dry conditions such a feature is a major benefit.

In our years of listening to the faster riders we have seen cases where the rear brake rotor can be glowing red in night rides which shows just how hot trail braking can get a rotor.

Stopping this getting to the bikes hydraulics is greatly assisted by using a Carbon based pad such as the X or TT pad.

In Europe these pads are selected by adding the suffix TT to the part number and in the USA by adding the letter X after the FA (Freeman Automotive) series part number. EBC Carbon X or TT Brakes are coded red in paint finish and is equally happy on an ATV or a Moto X or Enduro bike and is also used in ATV Sport riding.

However we caution riders using these pads in ATV use especially on rear rotors as wear life may be shorter than sintered pads originally installed in the original unit build. With the lower price point compared to sintered, millions of riders still choose the carbon pads. For Street Enduro use such as the “Paris-Dakar” style DR bikes for road use EBC Carbon X or TT Brakes are an ideal choice, it has been R 90 approved on many of such models in Europe and is safe for road use because of its ability to work effectively when hot.

EBC Brakes Carbon X or TT brake pads can be ordered from any stockist or purchased ONLINE in the UK at:

This is our best selling sport ATV pad! For several years now this successful carbon graphite formula has been the choice of top enduro and moto-x riders for certain conditions around the world. The main advantage of this type of material is its lack of heat generation or conduction, which keeps both the rotor and
caliper cool. Top Enduro and Hare Scrambles USA riders prefer this material for fast and dry riding conditions. The material is also very useable for standard sport ATV useage. Also TUV tested and KBA approved for street use on enduro bikes.

The TT series or X pads do not last as long as a sintered pad but are a strong favourite amongst Enduro riders due to their low heat transfer

EBC Brakes also sell motorcycle clutches and ATV clutches, click here to view the EBC Clutch range. EBC brakes also sells quality motorcycle brake rotors or brake discs and these pages will have all the information you need on our brake rotorsIf your bike is fitted with a drum brake and requires brake shoes please click here to go to the EBC Brakes brake shoe range.


    EBC Brakes do NOT recommend or endorse metal matrix, ceramic or composite discs and EBC brakes pads are NOT compatible with these and will cause DISC damage. If in the years to come this changes, this message will be modified.

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