Photo: EBC Green MTB Brake Pads
The EBC bicycle brake pad fitments PDF is available on the link below:

EBC Green Bicycle Brake Pads

Green Bicycle Brake Pads are a high quality organic formulation producing an excellent all round replacement pad for pleasure riding, cross country and trekking.

Photo: Mountain Bike

If you’re not sure what to choose, specify Green compound. Good lifetime and stopping power. All EBC bicycle pads are made using magnetic stainless steel backing plates. For systems using a magnet for pad retraction these are ideal but for all bike systems the benefit of a stainless steel backing plate is self evident.

For all systems which use a spring clip for pad retraction, EBC includes NEW improved strength retraction springs.

Many bicycle brake rotors are NON hardened and have the words “Resin pad only” on them. It is critical that when you see this marking that you use a pad similar to EBC Green which is very low in its rotor abrasion features.

Remember the motto, if in doubt go for EBC green.

Disc pads for bicycles have been around since 2002 and selecting the right compound for your needs is not only wise but essential for numerous reasons. EBC offer three grades of pad compound.

Another great way to improve your bicycle brakes is to upgrade with an oversize brake rotor kit.

Photo: EBC Green MTB Brake Pads
EBC Brakes replacement bicycle brake pads can be ordered from any stockist or purchased ONLINE in the UK at:
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  1. Longtime Mechanic – Performance

    Absolutely the best pads I have used. Some pads have a distinct heat range that works best, these are perfectly happy with any temperature. From freezing rain initial stops to 100 deg F ambient after a 10 minute steep run, these pads perform flawlessly. Better power, modulation and heat capacity than oem with similar wear rate to oem non-metallic pads. Have cooked both OEM metallic and non on a certain local trail and have yet to cook these on the same trail with the same brake setup.


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