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EBC Brakes world leaders in the Motorcycle and ATV brake business are pleased to now offer a new style of brake disc or rotor for Enduro riding. Known as the EBC Brakes CE series the new rotors are UK made using high quality German mill rolled stainless steel, cast into ingots to EBC specification and precision rolled in Germany.

This unique steel gives a perfect combination of carbon and chrome making it a stainless unit but with heat treatable characteristics perfect for off road use. The chrome in the steel enduro keeps off the rust, the carbon balance allows a perfect heat treatment that offers ductility with strength and avoids heat cracking common with many “Hard as Granite” brake rotors made with conventional steels.

No other brake company uses this grade of steel. It is specially cast and rolled for EBC.

Another new feature of the CE Series brake rotor is the lack of vent holes in the pad sweep area which drag mud and slurry between the pad and rotor and can accelerate rotor wear plus reduce brake effect. Used with the superb EBC X series carbon graphite pads which transmit 60% less heat into your brakes you have the perfect set up for Enduro or Hare scrambles riding.

Plus these rotors have still the lightest weight as they are contour profiled outside and in to shed those useless ounces common which poorly designed and some stock units. Great brakes, great performance and longer lifetime! That’s what the new EBC Brakes CE series Enduro brake rotors and X pads can do for your ride.

    EBC Brakes do NOT recommend or endorse metal matrix, ceramic or composite discs and EBC brakes pads are NOT compatible with these and will cause DISC damage. If in the years to come this changes, this message will be modified.
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  1. Lenny

    This is after two very muddy harescrambles. Seems to be ok so far, it has multiple small groves, but is still working well. I will let you know after a couple more races. This weekend is an off weekend. Then I have five weeks straight. Two weeks ago, 2nd Open A, Last week 1st Open A. Currently in the points lead


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