Photo: EBC V-Pads™ Semi-sintered™ Touring Bike Pad

EBC V-Pads™ Semi-sintered™ Touring Bike Pads

EBC Brakes™ Semi-Sintered V-Pads™ are a new blended Semi-Sintered brake pad that combine the highest qualities of an organic brake pad with the endurance of a sintered equivalent brake pad. The Vee brake pad range are designed for the heavy cruiser/streetbike market as a replacement brake pad.

Photo: EBC V-Pads™ Semi-sintered™ Touring Bike Pads
Features and benefits of these brake pads:
  • Heavy streetbike cruiser brake pad
  • 100% ECO friendly
  • Can be used to replace organic or sintered
  • ECE R 90 approved approved and TÜV tested
  • Organic compound with longevity

The V-Pad™ range have been dyno tested and prove to be longer lasting than other cheap sintered aftermarket brake pads. All EBC Organic brake pads now incorporate backing plates which are patented with the Nucap NRS hook retention system.

This guarantees zero chance of brake pad de-bonding with corrosion or extended use. EBC recommend these brake pads are not for track or race use.

EBC V-Pads™ Semi-sintered™ Touring Bike Pads can be ordered from any stockist or purchased ONLINE in the UK at:

TÜV German Approved Matl with KBA No. – 60995

Design Conditions –

  • Max. continuous temperature 400°C
  • Max. intermittent temperature 600°C

Physical Properties- Min. assembly shear strength, 400 N/cm2, Density, 2.98 g/cm3

EBC PADS LAST LONGER – read witnessed proof tests

EBC Brakes street bike organic range now 100% made using the NRS Hook system. Click To Read!

    EBC Brakes do NOT recommend or endorse metal matrix, ceramic or composite discs and EBC brakes pads are NOT compatible with these and will cause DISC damage. If in the years to come this changes, this message will be modified.

2 Responses to EBC V-Pads™ Semi-sintered™ Touring Bike Pads
  1. Goldwing GL1100 user

    Have used EBC Kevlar pads before, they lasted 16,000 miles on the front and was looking for a bit more mileage. New Vee pads have so far done 8,000 miles so I popped them out at the weekend to check for wear and they are only 10% worn. Looks like the Vee pads will last almost double the miles of the Kevlars at this stage and they are less dusty also which is a bonus.

  2. Brian

    Vee pads are superb. My original Harley pads squeaked like a stuck pig, brake feel is the same with the new Vee pads and they are totally silent.


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