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EBC Yellowstuff Bed-in Procedure

Although EBC scorch YellowStuff pads at the end of production to remove most of the volatiles, the following procedure should be performed on the vehicle to fully bed-in your new pads. The aim is to progressively generate considerable brake temperature, burning off any lingering volatiles and depositing an even transfer layer onto the brake discs. This process ensures the pads will not fade the next time they ‘see’ a high temperature, whilst also ensuring wear life, noise, and overall performance is optimised.

It is normal for the brakes to fade and produce some smoke during this procedure.

Perform the routine on a quiet, safe stretch of road devoid of traffic lights. It is imperative you do not come to a complete stop whilst the brakes are hot.

For performance road driving, perform routines FADE 1 & 2 below. If the vehicle is to be driven on the track, an additional optional procedure, FADE 3, should be performed to condition the brakes for the considerably higher temperatures generated on track.

The Procedure

First, drive 50 to 100 miles to allow the pads to mate up to the disc and establish full contact.

FADE 1 – Perform 10 medium pressure snubs from 60-20mph leaving 300 meters between each snub (approx 0.4g decel)

  • Drive for 3 minutes at 50mph with minimal brake usage to allow the brakes to partially cool, then immediately begin FADE 2:

FADE 2 – Perform 6 high-pressure snubs from 70-10mph with a maximum acceleration between consecutive snubs. (approx 0.8g decel, or 80% of an emergency stop)

  • Drive for 3 minutes at 50mph to allow brakes to cool, then leave for a minimum of 1 hour or overnight to allow brakes to fully cool. The brakes are now conditioned for performance road driving.

FADE 3 (optional for track use) – Perform 10 high-pressure snubs from 90-30mph with a maximum acceleration between consecutive snubs. Or if on track, do 3 laps at 80% attack followed by 1 cool down lap then return to the pits.

  • Allow the brakes to fully cool for a minimum of 1 hour before the next session.

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