Photo: EBC GD Sport Brake Rotor

EBC GD Sport Rotors

EBC Brakes manufactures 90% of its rotor range in ISO and TÜV approved facilities in the UK or in Italy. All rotors including GD Sport Rotors are machined and finished in the UK and in the USA.

Photo: EBC GD sport rotors
EBC GD Rotors

“Thermic black” coated discs are being phased in. As stocks rotate you may receive black ones.

Where castings or finished rotors have been bought in to complement the range, the strictest quality controls you can imagine ensure the safety and quality of the parts we sell. EBC adds value to its products by strictest quality controls and specifications and a 100% run out and dimensional check, plus all USA sport rotors are slotted at the Las Vegas facility of the USA operation. We employ 14 people in our USA rotor machining facility alone and have a bank of 8 HAAS and Feeler CNC machines using the latest CNC controls and tooling for superb accuracy.

“Thermic black” and NITROTHERM™ FINISH
EBC Brakes produces all of its GD series and USR discs with a long lasting corrosion resistant finish. The coating is either the world famous thermic or for less popular smaller batch items we use the new NITROTHERM™ process of anti corrosive paint applied using this revolutionary process that coats with warm Nitrogen producing a better finish.

Choose from EBC plain non drilled rotors or sport rotors in two choices – wide aperture GD Sport Rotors series for cooler running or new super silent Ultimax USR slotted series. On a global scale Most EBC rotors are made from high quality G3000 castings and 100% of these are precision machined in either the UK or the USA.

EBC Brakes GD sport rotors can be ordered from any stockist or purchased ONLINE in the UK at:

EBC Brakes has 14 machining centres in these two countries to manufacture these precision parts. Rotors are made from high quality grey iron to exacting standards and undergo extensive testing and rigorous quality control and are then precision machined to your chosen slot or dimple pattern.

The dimple drilled rotor was invented by EBC back in the 90’s and has been imitated by many because of its ability to offer pad degassing without “Through Drilling” disc or rotor holes which has been shown to promote rotor cracks.

The wide aperture slots on the EBC units actually draw cool air under the brake pad and rotor interface and help cool the temperatures of the pad contact which can shoot up to well over 1000 degrees at the very heart of the brake pad during heavy braking and can cause brake fade or loss of brake effect.

These “Full sweep” slots on the EBC Sport Brake rotor also help remove dirt dust debris and water from the braking area but without doubt the main benefit of such sport rotors is their ability to maintain a flat and parallel pad surface throughout the lifetime of the brake pad set.

Recent European R90 brake safety legislation insists on a very aggressive stress test of all replacement brake rotors. EBC rotors have passed this test and in the case of the GD design, the brakes were shown to run 100 degrees F cooler than non slotted rotors proving our long made claims that the GD version rotors run COOLER.

Direction of Rotation of EBC GD Disc Rotors

EBC GD Sport Rotors are directional “LEFT and RIGHT” which is nearside and offside of your vehicle. The sweeping grooves and spotted pattern should be pointing to the rear of the vehicle.

Want expert brake fitting in the UK?


One point to consider before making your choice of sport rotor is the air noise that can be noticed with sport rotors. With all slotted rotors there will be an increase in air noise as the rotor passes beneath the pads under normal driving and braking. Some people like this kind of “Turbo” sound and others do not.

For this reason EBC produce two ranges of sport rotors, the 3GD or GD series being discussed here are the noisier of the two designs, our sister range the USR sport rotor range is MUCH quieter yet offers similar performance values.

Make your choice before you buy please.

Experience has shown us that on Truck and SUV the GD or 3GD series wind noise is almost unnoticed and on faster and tuned sedans and hot hatches the GD or 3GD series as we call them (they are both exactly the same item) is the preferred choice.

If silent braking with performance on a prestige or quiet car is your target buy then opt for the USR series, shown by clicking this link USR series.


There are two main reasons for brake vibration. The first is steering geometry issues and the second is installation or hub run-out issues.

GEOMETRY ISSUES – One in seven cars suffers geometry problems during its life that can affect steering and cause brake vibration. These are NOT a product quality issue!!!!!!.These can happen by simply nudging a kerb or by driving over a pothole. EBC is not alone in recognising this problem but is the only brake supplier on the planet prepared to offer diagnosis and a SOLUTION.

INSTALLATION OR HUB RUN-OUT ISSUES – These cause what is known as DTV. The videos below show how to correct for brake vibration caused by DTV (Disc thickness variation). DTV develops in a car after 3000-4000 miles caused by runout built in to the car or due to incorrect alignment of the rotors at install. This is quite a common fault on modern cars and many cars require this at every rotor change. Drivers also confuse hub distortion with a rotor quality issue but in 99% of cases the DTV is a car problem, not a rotor quality problem. You can replace the rotors as many times as you like trying to solve vibration and the problem will only go away for a few thousand miles and then return. This means you have purchased new rotors in good faith but the problem IS NOT SOLVED AND WILL NOT GO AWAY PERMANENTLY until you perform this procedure. After this skimming of the rotor surface you will have smooth brakes , more effective brakes and ZERO vibration. It is even a very worthwhile practice when fitting new rotors to have all four rotors skimmed into perfect alignment on your car with this inexpensive procedure.   Rotor distortion due to DTV is very common, in fact ONE IN SEVEN CARS has a steering geometry problem either when it is built NEW or after nudging a kerb or hitting a large pothole (very common after road surface damage after winter snowy periods). Uneducated people still say “My rotors are warped”. Well the engineering facts are ROTORS DO NOT WARP, they are made of cast iron, they are very tough and can be run to red heat and cooled time after time and they will not distort, we do this day in day out on our dynos in the EBC lab. Thats why the whole world still uses cast iron as a vehicle brake rotor material, there has never been anything to beat it and probably never will be. Pro Cut machines WORK ON BOTH PLAIN ROTORS AND EVEN BETTER ON SLOTTED AND DRILLED ROTORS OF ALL TYPES.


Who are Pro-Cut ????… Pro Cut are a USA based multi national and extremely professional Corporation. Their machines are used and approved by many major car manufacturers and used all over the world to do exactly what they do best, CORRECT for rotor mis-alignment no matter how it arises on a car. You cannot achieve this with any other device.


Click Here for Information on Pro Cut Centres

14 Responses to GD Sport Rotors
  1. Wow…I love the EBC brakes! Installation was straight forward and easy. All EBC brake components fits perfectly. The directions for the “break-in” process was easy to follow. I didn’t have any brake noise (squeaks) during or after the break-in period, though I was expecting some noise as it’s a normal occurance for high performance brakes. Stopping power is incredibly strong and fade-free, especially for my heavily modified vehicle which is extremely heavy. The EBC brakes pads also don’t produce much brake dust if any at all. Overall I’m very pleased with the EBC brakes and would highly recommend any of their EBC brake products.

  2. All i can say is holy s*&%!!! about a week ago i got my pads and installed the rear set while waiting for my rotors to show up. Even with just the rears changed out to the redstuff pads wow what a big difference! Then just today i finaly got my front rotors (stockers have been warped for about 10-20,000 miles) the install went off with out a hitch. I went out and bedded in the new pads to the rotors and the car now stops on a dime!!! There is a noise like wind rushing through them but all in all i dont care they stop like nothing else and dont screw up your wheels at the same time. I must say EBC knows what they are doing because they are the only ones i trust with my brakes from now on!!!

  3. You make the best brake components hands down. Gets my 7800lbs truck shut down from 130mph on the drag strip, awesome.

  4. These Brakes are just plain Awesome, my truck weighs 4500lbs with alot of performance modifications and it stops on a dime.A++ Rotors and Pads.

  5. Just installed these a week ago and what a difference! They were a couple of bucks more then the OEM dealer rotors, but the stopping power and smooth pedal response blows OEM performance out of the water! Only wish there was a EBC bumper sticker in the box so everybody would know! Thanks again EBC!

  6. Just put these on and wow, what a difference over stock! You will not be disappointed!!

  7. I’ve been running these rotors for almost 100,000 miles. FAR superior to all thru-drilled rotors I’ve owned. These have not warped, cracked, or developed uneven wear throughout the useful life of the rotor. As the EBC literature states, they do produce a “thrumming” noise, but it’s no more offensive than any other aspect of high performance auto modification.

    I’ve run these rotors very hard; to the point of pad fade with both Redstuff and Greenstuff pads. Also run these rotors in all weather from -20F to 110F, raining, snowing, ice, etc.

    They perform flawlessly regardless of what I throw at them. Bravo. They do rust, regardless of any plating they arrive with. Keep a coat of HT enamel on them to keep them looking good and take care to keep your hubs in equally clean condition to help prevent runout.

  8. The installation was a breeze, the EBC components fit PERFECTLY! My only issue was trying to get the original rotors (rear) off of the vehicle as they were both ‘frozen’ to the hubs. I had to pound on each with a dead blow hammer and they finally gave way and came off. That was the only hitch for this install…

    Just an FYI in case anyone ever has this question (like I did), the original Nissan pads did have a single wear clip exactly as the EBCs and they were installed at the factory on the RH side (passenger side) on the INSIDE part of the caliper facing inward (this makes sense as they would bind against the outside part of the caliper if installed on the outside. I would suggest letting folks know about this. This is not documented in the Infiniti service manual either but I believe they need to be installed in this fashion…

    So far I’m extremely pleased with the initial performance of the rotors/pads; still taking it easy on them as they are new but they feel very good and are noise-free for the moment! Hopefully they stay this way. I do hear the whoosing of air coming from the rotors on slow stops (as mentioned in a note supplied with each rotor) but it’s a faint ‘air rushing noise’ and doesn’t bother me at all, kind of sounds ‘cool’!!

    Thanks again for answering all of my questions, I am SOLD on EBC brakes going forward. I plan to try the Redstuff on my Corvette when the time comes to do brakes on that vehicle…

  9. Fabulous brakes and phenominal stopping power at an affordable price, A+++++ rating!

  10. Just installed all 4 corners new gold drilled vented sport rotors and green stuff pads.

    IMMEDIATELY noticed a difference.

    this is the family “truckster” so wanted to make sure it would stop and boy does it. the first time I “stabbed” the breaks hard I got and immediate complaint from the tires.

    you can’t go wrong with EBC !!!

  11. I bought a set of front brakes for my car a couple of years ago and I finally got them installed. Thank GOD that the fit and function are the same as the OEM but with a bit more braking power. In regards to the ease of instalaltion, the product fits perfectly. The performance is still under study but so far it seems to be a bit better braking power than the original parts that came with the car. I will definitely recommend this product. BTW – the factory have misplaced the rotor in the wrong box. I wished they would have a written instruction on which rotor goes to the left and to the right. I could have saved a lot of time. My co-worker have done the same mistakes, so instruction leaflet is needed

  12. Anyone that has ever owned a Chevy or GMC truck knows about the spongy and sleepy brake feel that is provided by the manufacturer. In order to bring your pick-up or SUV to a complete stop it feels more like you are stopping a train than a car.

    I have never been one for high performance modifications on my truck. My truck is my daily commuter, work and pleasure vehicle and I am skeptical to stray from OE products. After a few pad changes and new stock rotors I still was not able to shake the pathetic brake feel of my Chevy. A friend suggested I try the EBC brake Pads and EBC Slotted rotors to really improve braking performance. I was worried about the install process and too much brake sensitivity. The last thing I wanted was brakes that lock up the tires on the slightest touch or slam your face into the dash. These brakes fit so perfectly to OE specifications that they are as almost easier to install than OE equipment. There wasn’t a single snag on the whole install process. The rotors were made with the utmost precisions. You can fully see the rotors through your wheels giving your American made truck the look of an Italian sports car. EBC didn’t only invest in their engineers but their stylists are on the ball too.

    Aesthetics aside, the performance is more by far the best part of this product. Rain shine sleet and snow these brakes out perform. If you own one of these trucks you know the feeling where abs kicks in and you lose all brakes on slick surfaces. The EBCs tone down this horrible phenomenon and keep you in control of your braking. When you have to slam on the brakes it is smooth all the way to dead stop. It only takes about three full stops till these brakes are fully functional and you can feel their full potential. If you can drive a friend’s car that has these brakes you will be instantly convinced.

  13. Love….;))…Got the 3GD Rotors with the green 7000..So happy…hardly have to use my brakes…So great…THANKS..Huge Hug!..Happpy….EBC Brakes..Trd Off road.upgrade..

  14. Hello ladies and gentleman at EBC Brakes! I’m sure that this is pretty rare, but I wanted to complement you folks on the sheer quality and performance of my new brake pads that I’ve installed on my ’97 Civic LX. The sheer difference in performance, and feeling of these pads compared to my last set is astounding, the progressive bite and fade resistance is extremely impressive!

    Granted, I don’t do any professional racing, but I do drive in a spirited manner, and these pads have made a world of difference in my Honda, so congratulations everybody at EBC, You have gained a loyal customer, and I shall be recommending your products to my friends and family alike!


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