EBC Brake Pad Selector Tool

Need help choosing the right brake pad from the EBC range?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 with the EBC Brakes Pad Selector Tool. First tell us how your vehicle is typically driven, whether this be: normal daily driver, faster street driving, or track day and race use. Secondly input your vehicle weight in kilograms. Thirdly, enter your vehicles power in BHP. The calculator will then display your vehicles calculated power-to-weight ratio (BHP/Tonne) and we’ll even show you a few vehicles of similar power-to-weight ratios, just so you can be sure you’re on the right track. The Pad Selector Tool will then tailor its ‘Recommended Products’ window at the bottom of the page and recommend suitable brake pads for your individual requirements, ensuring that you choose the right product from the EBC range.

Don’t know your vehicles weight or power? Simply select your driving style and then click the ‘I don’t know’ checkboxes for step 2 and step 3. We’ll then recommend the default choice based on your driving style. Or you may find the following links helpful when determining the power/weight for your vehicle:

All USA, Asia and Non-European Customers

If you are based outside of Europe and desire maximum braking performance, you may wish to select ‘Track Driving & Race’ as your driving style below in order choose from friction materials that do not have European R90 approval. R90 approval is only required within Europe and therefore does not apply to all other world markets. Outside of Europe it is perfectly legal to fit very high performance brake pads on the public road, and unlike conventional track & race pads, all EBC track & race materials provide excellent cold bite and can therefore be driven safely to/from the track or be used safely day-to-day on public roads. All EBC brake pads perform from cold and do not require temperature before they develop an acceptable level of friction.

All European Market Customers

If you are based in Europe, ECE R90 approval is mandatory for public road use and hence you must not use friction materials which appear in the ‘Track Driving & Race’ category, of which most references do not have R90 approval. Using non R90 approved pads on the road in Europe is illegal. Read more about R90 here (Note some BlueStuff pads with ‘NDX’ suffix are R90 approved and thus legal for road use. If in doubt, contact us).