Photo: EBC Coil & Diaphragm Springs

EBC CSK Coil & Diaphragm Clutch Spring Kits

Complete engine sets of heat treated and tempered steel coil springs or diaphragm springs giving 10-15% more clamp pressure than standard.

Photo: Clutch springs
Clutch springs fall into two basic types:
Coil springs

These are spiral wound springs using four to eight pieces per set, made from heat treated high carbon steel and come in various shapes and sizes, delivering differing spring tensions depending on the size of the bike and the horsepower of your engine. It is important to note that you cannot change the basic shape of these springs to gain any performance advantage but what you CAN do is buy an EBC Brakes CSK kit which has slightly thicker winding material and delivers 10 – 15% more clamp pressure.

  • This can help reduce clutch slip or fast clutch wear on your machine.
  • All springs get tired and should be replaced at every engine rebuild or clutch overhaul.
Diaphragm Springs

These are dish shaped flat steel pressure rings and there are normally only one or two in a bikes engine. You should never add MORE springs on a diaphragm spring set up. If you do wish to upgrade the clamp load and your bike is fitted with a diaphragm spring clutch kit, buy an EBC Brakes spring kit, all of which are built with 10 -15% more clamp pressure than stock.

  • This can again reduce clutch slip and premature clutch wear.
  • When replacing your clutch on any ATV you have two options
Photo: EBC Diaphragm Springs
EBC Brakes coil & diaphragm clutch springs
can be ordered from any stockist or purchased ONLINE in the UK at:

This is to replace the friction plates only as a quick fix to get the bike going. This would involve buying the EBC Brakes CK series cork line clutch plates, click here for details. Even if selecting to replace just the friction plates, we strongly recommend using new clutch springs as old springs get weak and tired over time, can cause clutch slip and even premature wear of the new plates you are about to install.

By far the best way to go and a world number one seller, the EBC Brakes DRC Dirt Racer Clutch Kit is a total rebuild option including all driven, lined plates and new springs to completely re-set your clutch to the all important original stack height when the bike was new. Click here for details of DRC Clutch Kits.

Either way EBC Brakes appreciates your business and wishes you many miles of safe and happy ATV riding.

Many modern Sportbikes are made with a circular “Diaphragm” spring system. EBC is the only company in the world that makes upgrade replacements for these from specially rolled high carbon steel that is precision tempered to the right tension.

Each spring load is tested individually by hand for a 100% guarantee that spring pressure is 5 – 8% above stock, perfect to prevent clutch slippage and is the target upgrade strength.

The springs are made 100% in the UK in precision pressworks and tempered to perfection.

Clutch Springs

These are an important part of your clutch system, with the heat and constant cyclic use can become tired and weak. EBC Brakes produce extra strong clutch springs to prevent clutch slip and premature wear.

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  1. Review By: Kris VanOrden –

    Comment Subject: Performance

    Vehicle: 2002 F4i StuntBike

    Purchase Location: Parts Store


    I have been running the clutch in my stunt bike for some time now and can not be happier with its performance and durability. Amazing quality!

  2. Review By: Jo
    Comment Subject: Performance
    Vehicle: 2006 R1

    I have a fully modified R1 track bike and can not stand slipper clutches so when we installed this clutch I was very happy epecially since I was going through factory clutch kits every 4000 miles. My bike lays down 174whp.


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