Automotive Brake Pads

One giant leap for performance braking

EBC Brakes makes the worlds largest range of automotive and motorcycle brake pads for every vehicle known, select from the below range



EBC Greenstuff™ Elite Brake Pads

GreenStuff Elite is the latest SUV and Light truck upgrade pad for better braking, longer life and less noise

EBC Sintered SR Series Full Race and Endurance Brake Pads

EBC SR sintered pads are a world beater in race use lasting longer and braking better than anything that you can buy – for race use only

EBC Ultimax2™ Brake Pads

Ultimax 2 is your premium street pad to replace OEM products for general street driving on any vehicle, quality at a great price.

EBC Redstuff Ceramic Brake Pads

EBC Brakes' lowest dust premium street sport brake pad material for cars above 200bhp.

EBC Yellowstuff Fast Street Brake Pads

Yellowstuff a premium fast street pad for better emergency stops and fast street drivers of any vehicle

EBC Yellowstuff Truck Sport Brake Pads

Instant brake improvement with just a pad change.

EBC Greenstuff™ Brake Pads

Over 4 million sets sold – superb street upgrade pad!

EBC Bluestuff NDX Super-Street & Trackday Brake Pads

Reformulated in 2021 the new Bluestuff is much faster to bed in and runs alongside a Bluestuff B grade lower friction version for rear axles or lighter cars

EBC Extra Duty Light Truck, Jeep and SUV Brake Pads

Want better stopping power and even longer life with Zero noise? EBC Brakes' Extra Duty pads are the solution!

RP-1™ Racing Brake Pads

RP-1™ Racing pads are a new track only medium friction race pad for use as a front pad on heavily servoed cars or as a matched set with the RP-X sister pad.

RP-X™ Racing Brake Pads

RP-X™ Racing pads are the high friction race pad blend to complement the RP-1 pad where highest friction is needed.

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