EBC Replacement MTB Discs

EBC Replacement MTB Discs

EBC Replacement MTB Discs

Alongside the popular oversized kits for improved brake effect EBC Brakes now offer the EBC Replacement MTB Discs, a high quality contoured lightweight hardened stainless steel brake rotor of industry standard size 160mm, (International Standard Fitting).


If your bike is fitted with 160 mm diameter MTB discs this is the perfect replacement when your MTB disc is worn or buckled and fits directly onto all 99% of all popular standard 6 bolt hubs.



Many bikes from new have a MTB disc that is a low cost item to keep the bike price down and is often marked with the words “Resin Pad only” which means it is normal factory rolled material and is NOT hardened and tempered and can only be used with standard trekking organic pads.


Not only are these new EBC replacement MTB Disc products HARDENED AND TEMPERED they are precision ground to be flat and parallel meaning you wont get distortion, you wont get lever pulsing and wont get DRAG.


If you see a brake disc any lower in price than EBC this is what you are very likely to be getting, a low cost unhardened piece of steel that will warp, wear out fast and drag. Good for your leg muscles and your workout though. On the other hand trust a brand name like EBC and buy this quality product.

Please check your bolt pattern against the drawing below to verify this is correct for your wheel as certain speciality forks like Manitou may have a different bolt arrangements.


Want to UPGRADE your bikes braking power? See the new EBC oversize brake rotor kits elsewhere on this site for our range of oversize kits complete with caliper relocation brackets and hardware.


EBC offer THREE pad choices for use with this and any disc:

Green TREKKING Formula for general urban  and countryside riding
Red DOWNHILL Formula with higher friction and fade resistance
GOLD Ultra long life super grippy pads for longest life (not for downhill)

Most EBC pads are supplied with new UPRATED tension pull-back springs to refresh those tired old stock springs and help the pads “Free” from the disc/rotor when brake is real;eased reducing brake drag and enhancing free wheeling of your bike.

EBC pads and all disc can be ordered online at various sellers, see HERE for details.

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