RP-X™ Racing Brake Pads

Following the hugely successful launch of RP-1™, EBC Brakes Racing increases its motorsport brake pad range with the introduction of our latest ultra-high-performance track & race material, RP-X™.

Designed for vehicles driven hard on track, RP-X™ possesses a high friction level of 0.55 between 0 – 850°C and achieves 100% brake effect from cold. This makes RP-X™ an excellent choice for sprint racing or hill climb events, where full brake performance is essential without requiring any ‘warming up’, but also makes RP-X™ well suited to any type of circuit use where a high initial bite and powerful brake response is desirable.

EBC Racing would like to emphasise that it is not a case of RP-X™ being ‘better’ than RP-1™, rather it is ‘different’ and designed to provide a distinctly different response characteristic (more aggressive bite) which some drivers may prefer. For a detailed comparison between the 2 materials, please read the following article where we aim to help you make an informed choice on which material is likely to work best for your application and individual driving style:


  • Made 100% in EBC Brakes’ Bristol, UK pad factory
  • Stainless steel backing plates (reduced heat conduction, no paint)
  • Backplates feature Nucap® NRS® hook pad retention system
  • Excellent pad life with moderate disc life
  • NOT R90 approved for road-use in European markets
  • ‘Love it or Return it’ performance guarantee

Performance Guarantee

Love these pads or return them for a full refund.

EBC Brakes are so confident you’ll be amazed by the performance of these pads we offer a no-quibble returns policy.

Terms and conditions of performance guarantee

  • Offer is only valid if pads are not worn below the wear groove
  • Only one return of 1 set of pads will be permitted per customer and proof of purchase must be provided
  • Offer only applies to pads purchased and used within the UK
  • In event of authorised return, customer pays return carriage
  • Limited time offer only and EBC reserves the right to terminate this offer at its discretion without notice

Experience both EBC Racing materials for the price of one

Try out both of EBC Brakes Racing’s formidable track-focused pad materials for yourself, for the price of just one set of pads.

Order any set of RP-1™ or RP-X™ pads from www.ebcbrakesdirect.com or www.perfectbrakes.com and receive a matching set of the other material completely free.

Simply purchase the pads as normal, try them and then contact sales@ebcbrakesdirect.com or sales@perfectbrakes.com then post them back to us once you’ve finished with them, and we’ll send out the other material for you to compare them against.

Both RP-1™ and RP-X™ offer exceptional braking performance, but do so in distinctively different ways, comprehensively spanning the wide range of on-track driving styles and preferences. EBC, therefore, wants to allow our customers to try out both of our race pad materials, finding the one they prefer and the material that works best for their individual application. And thanks to www.ebcbrakesdirect.com and www.perfectbrakes.com, now you can.


RP-X™ is available for these cars and caliper models. If your car is not listed below, please enquire by contacting us here.

RP-1 No.RP-X No.Caliper TypeMain make for trackMain Model for trackMain Year for track
DP8001RP1DP8001RPXWilwoodDynalite cotter pin
DP8002/2RP1DP8002/2RPXEBC Apollo 4EBC Apollo 4 with easy removal
DP8002RP1DP8002RPXAPCP2279|CP5200|Apollo 4
DP8003RP1DP8003RPXAlconH Type
DP8036RP1DP8036RPXAPLotusExige 3.5 Supercharged2012-
DP8037/2RP1DP8037/2RPXWilwoodSuperlite 4 Piston|Superlite 6 Piston
DP8037RP1DP8037RPXWilwoodSuperlite 4 Piston|Superlite 6 Piston
DP8038RP1DP8038RPXWilwoodDynalite Billet|Dynalite Forged
DP8039RP1DP8039RPXWilwoodDynalite Narrow|Midilite
DP8042RP1DP8042RPXAPLotusEvora 3.5 Supercharged2015-
DP8063RP1DP8063RPXAlcon6 Piston radial
DP8074RP1DP8074RPXAP RacingCP7555CP7555D70
DP8080/2RP1DP8080/2RPXAlconCar 11|Car 89|TA6TCR race cars
DP8080/2RP1DP8080/2RPXAPCP9660TCR race cars
DP8080RP1DP8080RPXAlconCar 89|TA6TCR race cars
DP81032RP1DP81032RPXBremboNissanSkyline 2.6 Twin Turbo R32 R33 R341992-2003
DP8103RP1DP8103RPXPorsche911 2.7 3.0 Turbo 3.21972-1989
DP81110RP1DP81110RPXBremboNissanGT-R 3.8 Twin Turbo rear2008-
DP81118RP1DP81118RPXATEBMWM3 3.2 E462000-2007
DP81127RP1DP81127RPXBremboAudiR8 4.2 5.22007-2015
DP81134RP1DP81134RPXSubaruImpreza 2.0 2.0 Turbo1996-2002
DP81140RP1DP81140RPXBremboFerrari360 3.6 front and rear1999-2005
DP81162RP1DP81162RPXChevroletCorvette 6.0 6.2 C61997-2013
DP81200RP1DP81200RPXSubaruImpreza 2.0 Turbo WRX2001-2007
DP81208RP1DP81208RPXBremboPorsche911 (996) 3.4 3.6 rear1997-2005
DP81210RP1DP81210RPXBremboMitsubishiEvo 5-10 2.0 Turbo1997-2008
DP81211RP1DP81211RPXATEBMW3 Series E36 E461991-2007
DP81254RP1DP81254RPXHondaCivic Type-R 2.0 EP32001-2007
DP81293RP1DP81293RPXSubaruImpreza 2.0 2.0 Turbo1998-2002
DP81377RP1DP81377RPXAPLotus and CaterhamSeven and super seven, Lotus Elise2004-
DP81449RP1DP81449RPXATEBMWM3 4.0 E90 E922007-2013
DP81451RP1DP81451RPXATEBMWM3 4.0 E90 E922007-2013
DP81454RP1DP81454RPXBremboPorsche911 3.6 Twin Turbo 9962000-2003
DP81470RP1DP81470RPXAudi4.2 RS4 4.2 Twin Turbo RS62005-2010
DP81513RP1DP81513RPXAudiR8 4.2 5.22007-
DP81514RP1DP81514RPXBremboPorsche911 3.4 3.6 9961997-2008
DP81515RP1DP81515RPXBremboPorsche911 3.6 Twin Turbo 9962002-2005
DP81516RP1DP81516RPXBremboPorsche911 3.6 Twin Turbo 996 9972003-2010
DP81517RP1DP81517RPXATEAudiA3 all engines2006-2013
DP81537RP1DP81537RPXBremboSubaru2.0 Turbo WRX STi2001-2012
DP81539RP1DP81539RPXBremboRenaultClio Mk3 2.0 RS2006-2013
DP81552RP1DP81552RPXATEBMWZ4 3.02006-2009
DP81591RP1DP81591RPXBremboXA5.M4.01SLK55 AMG 5.42004-2011
DP81594RP1DP81594RPXATEAudiS3 2.0 Turbo2006-2012
DP81636RP1DP81636RPXNissan350Z 3.52003-2009
DP81641RP1DP81641RPXATEFordFocus Mk1 RS2002-2005
DP81644RP1DP81644RPXBremboNissan350Z 3.52003-2009
DP81661RP1DP81661RPXSubaruimpreza 2.0 Turbo WRX2007-2012
DP81666RP1DP81666RPXNissan350Z 3.52003-2009
DP81740RP1DP81740RPXFordMustang 4.0 4.62005-2010
DP81741RP1DP81741RPXFordMustang 4.0 4.62005-2010
DP81823RP1DP81823RPXNissan370Z 3.72009-
DP81824RP1DP81824RPXNissan370Z 3.72009-
DP81920RP1DP81920RPXBremboPorscheBoxster 2.7 2.9 3.42004-2012
DP81930RP1DP81930RPXBremboPorsche911 3.6 3.6 Twin Turbo 9972008-2012
DP81939RP1DP81939RPXBremboMercedesC63 AMG 6.2 W204 4.0 W2052007-
DP81946RP1DP81946RPXATEAudiS3 2.0 Turbo2006-2012
DP8197/2RP1DP8197/2RPXBremboLotusElise Exige1996-2021
DP81983RP1DP81983RPXBremboRC6GT-R 3.8 Twin Turbo front2008-
DP81985RP1DP81985RPXMitsubishiEvo X 2.0 Turbo2008-2016
DP81995RP1DP81995RPXBremboBMW135 3.0 Turbo & Twin Turbo2007-2013
DP81996RP1DP81996RPXBremboBMW135 3.0 Turbo & Twin Turbo2007-2013
DP82029RP1DP82029RPXBremboPorsche911 3.6 9972005-2009
DP82057RP1DP82057RPXBremboPorsche911 3.6 9972006-2015
DP82070RP1DP82070RPXBremboAudiRS3 2.5 Turbo2011-2013
DP82082RP1DP82082RPXAudi4.2 RS4 4.0 Twin Turbo RS62012-2016
DP82094RP1DP82094RPXBremboPorsche911 GT32009-2013
DP82127RP1DP82127RPXTRWVWGolf GTi Mk7 2.0 Turbo2013-
DP82130RP1DP82130RPXBremboBMW3 Series all engines with Brembo calipers F302012-
DP82133RP1DP82133RPXBremboBMWM3 3.0 Twin Turbo E80 M4 3.0 Twin Turbo E822014-
DP82148RP1DP82148RPXBremboBMWM5 (F10)2011-2016
DP82149RP1DP82149RPXTRWFordFiesta Mk7 ST2012-2017
DP82153RP1DP82153RPXATEVWGolf GTi Mk7 2.0 Turbo2013-
DP82173RP1DP82173RPXATEVWGolf R Mk7 2.0 Turbo2013-
DP82274RP1DP82274RPXFordFocus Mk3 RS2016-2018
DP82331RP1DP82331RPXBremboBMWBMW M5 M82018-
DP82353RP1DP82353RPXATEFordFiesta ST2018-
DP82430RP1DP82430RPXToyotaGR Yaris front2019-
DP82431RP1DP82431RPXToyotaGR Yaris rear 2019-
DP83023RP1DP83023RPXChevroletCorvette 6.2 C72013-
DP83040RP1DP83040RPXFordMustang 5.02015-
DP8414RP1DP8414RPXATEBMWM3 (E30)86-92
DP8612RP1DP8612RPXBremboPorsche911 3.6 9641989-1994
DP8689RP1DP8689RPXATEBMWM3 3.0 3.2 E36 3.2 E461992-2007
DP8767RP1DP8767RPXBremboPorsche911 3.6 9931993-1997
DP8779RP1DP8779RPXTRWBMW3 Series (E30)82-93
DP8826RP1DP8826RPXSubaruimpreza 2.0 Turbo WRX2001-2007
DP8885/2RP1DP8885/2RPXBremboLotusElise 1.6 1.81996-

Performance Data

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