Photo: EBC Ultimax2 Brake Pads

EBC Ultimax2™ Brake Pads

Photo: EBC Ultimax2 Brake Pad Box
Our radically improved Ultimax ECO friendly brake pad. If you thought our Ultimax brake pad was good, this one is even BETTER!
This is what Ultimax2™ brake pads deliver:
  • Superb daily driver R90 type approved pad.
  • Features red “brake in’ surface coating for instant safe braking after install.
  • New 100 % ECO friendly material with ZERO sulphides.
  • No shims for noise reduction needed.
  • More bite from cold.
  • Works in hot and dry climates as well as in cold.
  • Fully R 90 approved as was the original Ultimax grade.

If you simply need a quality OEM replacement pad, look no further than the Ultimax2™ brake pad.

Made in the UK Bristol EBC Brakes manufacturing plant the Ultimax2™ brake pad is a beautifully engineered brake compound that lasts well, produces minimal dust and is the perfect choice for the urban or daily driver. Why spend more if all you need is a quality replacement pad?

The Ultimax2™ brake pad is a total NON METALLIC pad containing ZERO steel fibre making this a cleaner pad far less aggressive to cast iron brake rotors.

Ultimax2™ has also been graded Code “N” by the USA brake ratings system meaning this receives the TOP award for its environmentally friendly status and has also achieved the much coveted GG friction rating, almost unheard of in the automotive brake Industry.

The Ultimax2™ brake pad will replace the original Ultimax predecessor material on a stock rotation basis.

This equates to a clean pad, that lasts longer, extends disc life and emits ZERO toxicity and is a true PAD FOR THE FUTURE. The brake effect with the GG ratting is truly amazing and delivers powerful braking at first brake application.

Ultimax2™ has also been widely tested in cold and damp conditions in Northern Europe and Scandinavia and in the Caribbean hot and humid temperatures where brake noise was ZERO.

  • GG friction rated highest in brake effect
  • Top Rated with Class N by the USA environmental testing to SAE J2975:2011
EBC Brakes Ultimax2™ brake pads can be ordered from any stockist or purchased ONLINE in the UK at:
Ultimax2™ OEM Quality Brake Pads Compounds
Ultimax Compound Spider Chart

Black coded in the EBC range EBC Ultimax is a fully ECE R 90 approved brake pad range and at its lower price point, less than  HALF the price of original parts yet TOTALLY EQUIVALENT by nature of its R 90 brake safety approval. Ultimax offers great value for money and first class driving safety.



A high friction pad designed for general replacement use on cars, vans and SUV’s (4x4s).

Using shimmed, chamfered and slotted technology and incorporating EBC’s unique BRAKE-IN coating for super quick pad bed-in, (in Europe only certain numbers are shimmed, in USA ALL Ultimax range are shimmed).

EBC black coded brake pads are a high friction premium quality friction material approved to ECE R90 brake safety regulations and as such are an exact equivalent to original equipment pads fitted to your vehicle from the factory – but for far less money.

Don’t let the lower price point cloud your view of this superb quality product, these pads will stop your vehicle as fast as any original equipment pad and faster than most aftermarket pads. One brilliant feature of EBC R90 pads is their ability to completely eliminate brake judder and these pads will actually COMPENSATE for mild brake judder after 300-400 miles of use. Nominal friction co-efficient 0.46 with minimal rotor damage and similar dust to original parts.

Reduced Rotor Wear

Disc wear is reduced by up to 50% with the EBC material compared to more abrasive semi metallics. It is common to replace the rotor with every pad change on some OE parts but with EBC it is quite common to see one rotor last TWO sets of pad lifetimes, offering significant savings. This does NOT mean that the EBC pads wear quickly either.

Material Data Sheet: E342

11 Responses to Ultimax2™ Brake Pads
  1. I have a 2005 Peugeot 807 and replaced the discs pads 18 months ago with EBC standard discs and Greenstuff pads I have now replaced them with EBC Ultimax (i.e. standard pads) and the brakes are now super sharp. They have now completed 3000 miles so must be fully bedded in, the pads faces are not glazed and the discs are flat and smooth.

  2. EBC brakes saved my car from damage and possibly my life. I have a 1993 Nissan Maxima and I was driving the speed limit going about 35mph when suddenly a woman in the other lane of on coming traffic thought she could make a left turn really quick into a library parking lot that was to my right.

    Well, I was just too close in time for her to get out of the way, so instinctively I pressed the brakes without thinking and my car came to a stop MUCH sooner then the regular OEM brakes I used before, and thank god, it was just a few feet of hitting her as she was pretty much in the middle of my lane looking at me with horror that I might hit her car.

    After the situation, some guy in the lane next to me rolled down his window and yelled, “good driving man!” I then yelled back, “I just put on new EBC brakes!”

    Haha, you guys are awesome! I’m a EBC customer for life no matter what car I drive and I will make sure to tell others!

  3. I have Citroen Berlingo Multispace, been back to the dealers twice about poor brakes & been told they are OK but I was still not too happy. Swapped the front discs for USR’S & fitted Ultimax pads, wow, what a difference, I am now much more confident with the brakes. Also just put some of your shoes on the rear of the car, OMG, I cannot believe the difference. Instead of feeling that the car is slowing down under hard braking I am now held in on my seat-belt. “Thank you” for wonderfull products, the cost was nominal but the difference is staggering. I just wish I had made the changes earlier.

  4. Changed to EBC Ultimax pads after excessive wear and dust from OEM pads on my BMW320TD. Ultimax pads bedded in immediately and after several thousand km have been far superior to original BMW pads, e.g smoother & more secure braking, minimal dust, and much, much cheaper than BMW pads. Highly recommend Ultimax.

  5. I have used Mintex pads for 17 years. I bought these EBC Ultimax from buypartsby for half the price of my usual pads and they are much better. At first I feel I am over-braking, the brakes bite nicely when braked firmly and are nice and progressive with light braking. These pads don’t make that usual horrible gruanching sound you get when you creep forwards at an insect’s pace. I will be sticking with these from now on, and they are Made in UK.

  6. These Brakes are just plain Awesome, my truck weighs 4500lbs with alot of performance modifications and it stops on a dime.A++ Rotors and Pads.

  7. This product has been the best set of pads I have had on my truck so far. The stopping power is very strong and they are very quiet as well. I encourage every one to buy theses pads.

  8. Rick from North Vancouver, Canada January 2, 2013 at 10:34 am

    Bought the EBC Ultimax pads to replace the dirty, noisy, OEM pads before they delaminated which is fairly common. They work exactly as advertised.

  9. I recently had my brake pads replaced on my micro-van with Ultimax pads. They already work much better than the original brakes even with the initial bed-in! The icy weather has been horrendous in the UK just recently and my new Ultimax brakes have been a godsend! They feel really smooth and grippy compared to the OEM’s the van came with, well recommended! : )

  10. Just about to replace my ultimax pads (40,000 miles wear!) and original disks on my X3. Websites recommend greenstuff but the ultimax have been superb and I managed to avoid two potentially serious accidents thanks to them. Only one choice for me. Ultimax again.

  11. Hello ladies and gentleman at EBC Brakes! I’m sure that this is pretty rare, but I wanted to complement you folks on the sheer quality and performance of my new brake pads that I’ve installed on my ’97 Civic LX. The sheer difference in performance, and feeling of these pads compared to my last set is astounding, the progressive bite and fade resistance is extremely impressive!

    Granted, I don’t do any professional racing, but I do drive in a spirited manner, and these pads have made a world of difference in my Honda, so congratulations everybody at EBC, You have gained a loyal customer, and I shall be recommending your products to my friends and family alike!


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